Best Visual Arts Quiz Questions and Answers for Competitive Exam 2019

Here is the top collection of important questions of the visual arts for competitive examinations. The questions asked in the previous exams have also been included in this. Visible Art Questions and Answers will also be very useful in terms of upcoming government examinations. So start studying the visual arts question and answer.

1. Ramesh Pateria studied at which art college?
(A) Delhi College of Art
(B) Visva Bharati, Santiniketan
(C) Benares Hindu University, Varanasi
(D) M.S. University, Baroda ✔

2. Which object did Subodh Gupta use in his sculptural statements in a big way?
(A) Stick
(B) Utensils ✔
(C) Bricks
(D) Stove

3. Who is the author of the book “Myths and symbols in Indian art and civilization”?
(A) Stella Kramrisch
(B) Heinrich Zimmer ✔
(C) Ananda K. Commaraswamy
(D) Jaya Appaswamy

4. Which of the following is not from Akbar’s reign?
(A) Hamzanama
(B) Tutinama
(C) Akbarnama
(D) Padshahnama ✔

5. Whose work inspired Albrecht Durer’s wood engravings?
(A) Wolhelm Pleydenwurft
(B) Master E.S.
(C) William Blake
(D) Michael Wolgemut ✔

6. Name the movement that strongly influenced 20th-century graphic designers?
(A) Dadaism
(B) Bauhaus ✔
(C) Cubism
(D) Fauvism

7. In which country were the “warriors” made?
(A) Australia
(B) China ✔
(C) Singapore
(D) Japan

8. Which county was famous for making snuff bottles?
(A) Japan
(B) China ✔
(C) Sweden
(D) Belgium

9. One of the following is not an oil painting. Identify :
(A) “Ravana fighting Jatayu” by Raja Ravi Varma
(B) “Between the spider and the lamp” by M.F. Husain
(C) “Mother and Child”, by Jamini Roy ✔
(D) “Speaking Street” by Gulam Mohammed Sheikh

10. Greek realism in portrait painting was carried forward up to the third century. The earliest examples are to be found from :
(A) Roman painting from Pompeii ✔
(B) Gandhara painting from Bamiyan
(C) Miran, Central Asia
(D) Church of Dormition, Byzantium

11. When did Picasso paint “Man with Violin”?
(A) 1912 ✔
(B) 1916
(C) 1918
(D) 1930

12. After whom is the process “Tonking” named in oil-painting?
(A) Sir Jean Tonk
(B) Jean Dubuffet
(C) Sir Henry Tonk ✔
(D) Pablo Picasso

13. Abdul Gaffer Khan’s portrait was made by :
(A) Sarbari Roy Chowdhury
(B) Pradosh Das Gupta
(C) Dhanraj Bhagat
(D) Sankho Chaudhary ✔

14. “Moulin Rouge” is one of the famous posters of :
(A) Toulouse Lautrec ✔
(B) Jules Cheret
(C) Salvador Dali
(D) Pablo Picasso

15. Among the following artists who is a Flemish painter?
(A) Jan Steen
(B) Frans Hals
(C) Rembrandt
(D) Peter Paul Rubens ✔

16. Of the following which one has no apsidal plan?
(A) Kapoteshwara temple, Chirala
(B) Nakula Sahadeva Ratha, Mamallapuram
(C) Durga Temple, Aihole
(D) Teli-ka-Mandir, Gwalior ✔

17. Identify the common factor in Mezzotint and Drypoint :
(A) Hardness
(B) Softness ✔
(C) Flatness
(D) Dryness

18. An “Advertorial” is an advertisement with a special promotional feature in the
form of :
(A) an editorial ✔
(B) a pictorial illustration
(C) a traditional press release
(D) a front page ‘solus’ newspaper Ad

19. Ambaji marble has been used for which among the following temples?
(A) Ellora
(B) Dilwara ✔
(C) Khajuraho
(D) Konark

20. Which artist produced the “Kutum Katam” sculptures made of wood and cloth?
(A) Rabindranath Tagore
(B) Abanindranath Tagore ✔
(C) Ramkinkar Baij
(D) Ajit Chakraborty

21. Which painting in the following list is not painted in tempera?
(A) Gopal Ghose, “A Village near Mussorie”
(B) Benode Behari Mukherjee, “Village shop”
(C) Jamini Roy, “Three Pujaris”
(D) Amrita Shergill, “Woman on charpai” ✔

22. “Man eating Jalebi”, “Yayati” and “Sakhi-Bhava” are paintings by which artist?
(A) K.G. Subramanyan
(B) Jogen Chowdhury
(C) Bhupen Khakhar ✔
(D) Vivan Sundaram

23. In typography space between two characters is known as :
(A) Leading
(B) Tracking
(C) Kerning ✔
(D) Legibility

24. The process of recording human movement and translating that movement on to a digital mode is known as :
(A) Motion picture ✔
(B) Rotoscoping
(C) Manga
(D) Stopmotion

25. First mechanical printing started at :
(A) Cochin
(B) Goa ✔
(C) Kolkata
(D) Chennai

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