Current Affairs

Current Affairs Question and Answers 2019- Current Affairs based on the national and international events of the day is extremely important for keeping you updated for upcoming competitive examinations. Current Affairs and Somatic Questions are given in English medium. Through which study you can get success by answering the questions asked in exams and interviews like UPSC, State PSC, SSC, IBPS, Railway, Police.

1. In a photocell, light energy is converted into

(A) potential energy
(B) chemical energy
(C) heat energy
(D) electrical energy

2. What is the National Emblem of Italy?

(A) Eagle
(B) White Eagle
(C) White Lily
(D) Lily

3. Under which article of the Constitution of India the President has the power of pardon or remission?

(A) Article-72
(B) Article-71
(C) Article-76
(D) Article-74

4. The acid present in the red ants is

(A) ascetic acid
(B) butyric acid
(C) caproic acid
(D) formic acid

5. How many medals did India win in the 14th Asian Championship Shooting?

(A) 28 Medals
(B) 22 Medals
(C) 26 Medals
(D) 30 Medals

6. A person of blood group AB can receive blood from a person of

(A) only group AB
(B) only group A
(C) only group B
(D) any blood group

7. When is UN Universal Children’s Day celebrated?

(A) November 15
(B) November 17
(C) November 19
(D) November 20

8. Hypermetropia or long sight can be corrected by using

(A) bifocal lenses
(B) cylindrical lenses
(C) concave lenses
(D) convex lenses

9. Cellulose is the chief constituent of

(A) cell wall
(B) cell membrane
(C) secondary wall of xylem
(D) body wall of insects

10. The element used for making solar cells is

(A) magnesium
(B) sodium
(C) silicon
(D) calcium