Best Visual Arts Quiz Questions and Answers for Competitive Exam 2019

76. First newspaper printing stared at which place?
(A) Cochin
(B) Kolkata ✔
(C) Cuttack
(D) Chennai

77. Which American designer is associated with the end of manual era in Graphic Design?
(A) Shigio Fukuda
(B) Milton Glaser ✔
(C) Wolfgang Weingart
(D) John Henry Alvin

78. What is the actual size of A4 paper?
(A) 148 mm × 210 mm
(B) 105 mm × 148 mm
(C) 210 mm × 297 mm ✔
(D) 297 mm × 420 mm

79. In which medium did Piraji Sagara mainly work in?
(A) Plaster of Paris
(B) Cement concrete
(C) Bronze
(D) Wood ✔

80. The sculpture titled “Musical Construction” in wood and metal is a work by which sculptor?
(A) Raghunath Singh
(B) Dhanraj Bhagat ✔
(C) Piraji Sagara
(D) Biman Das

81. Dynamism was the key concept behind which movement?
(A) Impressionism
(B) Cubism
(C) Expressionism
(D) Futurism ✔

82. Which of the following is an example of sales promotional tool?
(A) The media mix
(B) A money refund offer ✔
(C) Consumer promotion
(D) Market segmentation

83. ‘CC’ is a measurement unit in :
(A) Internet Advertising
(B) Radio Advertising
(C) Outdoor Advertising
(D) Newspaper Advertising ✔

84. Viscosity printing is done by using :
(A) Types of oils
(B) Thinness of colour
(C) Rollers of different hardness ✔
(D) Plastic surface

85. In the year 2012, what award was conferred to the cartoonist Late Mario de Miranda?
(A) Padma Bhushan
(B) Padma Vibhushan ✔
(C) Bharat Ratna
(D) Padmashree

86. Ornate pillar in Diwan-i-Khas at Fatehpur Sikri bears influence of which Indian provincial style?
(A) Rajasthan
(B) Gujarat ✔
(C) Malwa
(D) Deccan

87. Famous Parkham Yaksha housed in Mathura Museum belongs to which period?
(A) Mauryan period
(B) Sunga period
(C) Kushan period ✔
(D) Gupta period

88. Etruscan Art relates to :
(A) Ancient Egypt
(B) Ancient Greek
(C) Ancient Rome ✔
(D) Ancient China

89. Ceramics is a :
(A) Mixture of cement
(B) Fired clay body ✔
(C) Stone powder
(D) Mixture of plaster

90. Which newspaper has initiated the “Teach India” Campaign?
(A) The Times of India ✔
(B) Mail Today
(C) Hindustan Times
(D) Economic Times

91. Scraper is used on plate for :
(A) Polishing
(B) Scraping ✔
(C) Texturing
(D) Burnishing

92. Hunting the wild boar is painted in late 18th century in :
(A) Pal School
(B) Garhwal School
(C) Bundi School ✔
(D) Guler School

93. The famous painting of Rembrandt is :
(A) Day watch
(B) Midnight watch
(C) Day night watch
(D) Night watch ✔

94. Which was the first newspaper published in India?
(A) Times of India
(B) Hindustan Times
(C) Bengal Gazette ✔
(D) Statesman

95. In which year the ‘Copyright Act’ came into force?
(A) 1947
(B) 1957 ✔
(C) 1952
(D) 1989

96. Evidence of earliest rock-cut architecture was found at :
(A) Ajanta caves
(B) Lomas hrishi caves ✔
(C) Kailashnath temple, Ellora
(D) Badami caves

97. Lothal and Kalibangan both are :
(A) Situated in Gujarat
(B) Pre Mauryan sites
(C) Famous for ancient past
(D) Harappan site ✔

98. Name the painter of “The Scream” :
(A) Edward Munch ✔
(B) James Ensor
(C) Frans Halfs
(D) Salvador Dali

99. Who created the famous sculpture ‘the Thinker’?
(A) Marcel Duchamp
(B) Jean Arp
(C) Calder
(D) August Rodin ✔

100. Marx Earnst associated with :
(A) Surrealism ✔
(B) Futurism
(C) Post-modernism
(D) Dadaism

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