Best Visual Arts Quiz Questions and Answers for Competitive Exam 2019

51. Which of the text from following exclusively deals with Indian architecture?
(A) Ashtadhyayi
(B) Shilpataru
(C) Vishvakarmiya Shilp ✔
(D) Sadhanmala

52. What was the original word used in Republic of Plato for Imitation?
(A) Replicos
(B) Caricature
(C) Repetition
(D) Mimesis ✔

53. Which colour model is named as subtractive colour model?
(A) RGB colour model
(B) Index colour model
(C) CMYK colour model ✔
(D) HSL colour model

54. Device that breaks the original continuous tone image into patterns of dots :
(A) Quarter tone
(B) Acetate screen with criss cross lines
(C) Mezzotint
(D) Half tone ✔

55. Malar artist are known for their :
(A) Wood carving
(B) Terracotta
(C) Metal casting ✔
(D) Iron work

56. Of the following with from whom the work of Meera Mukherjee is inspired?
(A) Ghadva Artist ✔
(B) Bhareva Artist
(C) Jhara Artist
(D) Bell metal Artist

57. In silk printing what makes the surface photosensitive?
(A) Potassium Permanganate
(B) Potassium Dichromate ✔
(C) Sodium Hydrochloride
(D) Nitric Acid

58. Amongst following who is not a print maker?
(A) Rembrandt
(B) William Blake
(C) Pablo Picasso
(D) Theodore Gericault ✔

59. Bolting cloth is used in which printing process?
(A) Lithography
(B) Etching
(C) Wood cut
(D) Silk-screen printing ✔

60. First mechanical printing in India was brought by the :
(A) British
(B) Dutch
(C) French
(D) Portuguese ✔

61. Which artist was a signatory of the declaration of independence and designed the American flag?
(A) Francis Hopkinson ✔
(B) J. M. Flagg
(C) Paul Rand
(D) Saul Bass

62. Advertising built around “impulse” purchase utilizing display at the place where payment is made :
(A) Point of purchase ✔
(B) Magazine
(C) Out of home
(D) Web

63. The pylons attached to the mosques are found at :
(A) Attala Masjid, Jaunpur ✔
(B) Babri Masjid, Panipat
(C) Jami Masjid, Delhi
(D) Jami Masjid, Dhar

64. Among the following, who is not a Spanish painter?
(A) Jusepe de Ribera
(B) Francisco de Zurbaran
(C) Diego de Velazquez ✔
(D) Fillipo Juvarra

65. Which movement asserts the “Utopian” definition: The building of future?
(A) Futurism
(B) De Stijl
(C) Art Nouveau
(D) Bauhaus ✔

66. The patriotic “Mile sur mera tumhara”, aired on Indian television in 1998, was composed for :
(A) Cancer patients’ association
(B) Indian Army
(C) National Literacy Mission of India ✔
(D) Incredible India

67. Umberto Boccionni’s “Development of a bottle in space” is a sculpture that belongs to :
(A) Cubism
(B) Expressionism
(C) Futurism ✔
(D) Constructivism

68. Mallet is made of which material?
(A) Stone
(B) Wood ✔
(C) Bronze
(D) Iron

69. Fauvism draws inspiration from :
(A) Gothic Stained Glass
(B) Mosaics from Byzantium
(C) Folk paintings from Tahiti
(D) Byzantine Stained Glass ✔

70. Theodore Gericault was a famous European painter. He represented to which art movement?
(A) Mannerism
(B) Neo-classicism
(C) Romanticism ✔
(D) Realism

71. Why is grease added to the ground in printmaking?
(A) It is a lubricant.
(B) It produces soft-ground.
(C) It produces a transparent base.
(D) It is a component of tusche. ✔

72. Where was printing technique first evolved?
(A) India
(B) Japan
(C) China ✔
(D) Germany

73. The font “Helvetica” was developed in 1957 by Swiss designers :
(A) Max Miedinger with Edward Hoffman ✔
(B) Paul Rand with Saul Bass
(C) Piyush Pandey with Prasoon Joshi
(D) Piet Mondrian with Peter Max

74. Which poster-artist is associated with “Art Nouveau”?
(A) Alphonse Mucha ✔
(B) Ian Lenica
(C) Pierre Bonnard
(D) Peter Max

75. Which movement of modern European painting is represented by Oskar Kokoschka?
(A) Post-Impressionism
(B) Expressionism ✔
(C) Fauvism
(D) Abstract Expressionism

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