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World (International) Current Affairs 2019 Question & Answers and Quiz Section of CurrentGK. This section is a repository of more than ten thousand Multiple Choice Questions and Answers useful for UPSC, SSC, RRB, IBPS, IAS, IPS exam etc.

1. Who was the First Roman Emperor

(A) Mark Antony
(B) Nero
(C) Augustus
(D) Julius Caesar

2. Who was the First Secretary General of United Nations

(A) Gladwyn Jebb
(B) Dag Hammarskjold
(C) Trygve Lie
(D) U Thant

3. Who was the First Black President of South Africa

(A) Martin Luther King
(B) Nelson Mandela
(C) Jacob Zuma
(D) Pravin Gordhan

4. Who was the First President of America

(A) Cyrus Griffin
(B) John Hanson
(C) Elias Boudinot
(D) Edward Savage

5. Who are members of NAFTA?
Question Asked : Bihar Police Sub Inspector Prelims Exam 2018

(A) USA, Canada and Mexico
(B) USA, Canada and India
(C) USA, Canada and Japan
(D) USA, UK and India

6. Who among the following travellers was from Italy and visited Vijayanagar Kingdom in the fifteenth century?
Question Asked : UPSC NDA/NA EXAM 2018

(A) Nikitin
(B) Fa-Hien
(C) Bernier
(D) Nicolo Conti

7. When did the Stamp Act Congress consisting of delegates from 9 of the 13 colonies of America meet in New York City?
Question Asked : UPSC NDA/NA EXAM 2018

(A) Year 1763
(B) Year 1764
(C) Year 1765
(D) Year 1766

8. Who was the First Animal to go into Space

(A) Chimpanzee Ham
(B) Dog Rin Tin Tin
(C) Dog Laika
(D) Dog Boo

9. Who was the First Avenger

(A) Iron Man
(B) Avengers: Infinity War
(C) Captain America
(D) Thor

10. Who was the First American President to visit India

(A) George Washington
(B) James Monroe
(C) Dwight D. Eisenhower
(D) Barack Obama