UP Police Constable Exam 2018 Answer Key 26 October 2018 1st Shift

Uttar Pradesh Police Constable Exam 2018 question paper 26 October 2018 with Answer key (1st shift) accessible here. UP Police Constable examination paper with Answer key held by Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment and Promotion Board (UPPRPB) on 26 October 2018 morning shift 10 AM to 12 PM in Uttar Pradesh state. The paper of the UP Police Constable, held at the day change on 18-19 June, has been organised on October 25-26, 2018.
Exam : Police Constable
Exam Organiser : UPPRPB
Exam Date : 26/10/2018 (10 AM to 12 PM)
Total Question : 150 Questions

1. In which year was the Simla Agreement signed between India and Pakistan?
(A) 1970 (B) 1972
(C) 1974 (D) 1976

2. In which city has NABARD set up a Centre for Climate Change in 2018?
(A) Patna (B) Bhopal
(C) Jaipur (D) Lucknow

3. To which country does Madame Christine Lagarde, Managing Director and
Chairperson of the International Monetary Fund, belong?
(A) United States of America (B) Switzerland
(C) France
(D) Australia

4. Blood clot is formed because of the presence of certain cells in the blood,
(A) Erythrocytes (B) Lymphocytes
(C) Monocytes (D) Thrombocytes

5. During fertilization in living beings, fusion of male and female gametes
takes place to form a cell called:
(A) Zygote
(B) Embryo
(C) Ovum (D) Sperm

6. A resting person normally has a pulse rate between_______beats per minute.
(A) 72 and 80 (B) 60 and 75
(C) 90 and 120 (D) 80 and 120

7. There are some plastics which when moulded once, cannot be softened by
heating. These are called:
(A) Polyvinyl Chloride (B) High-density polyethene (HDPE)
(C) Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU) (D) Thermosetting plastics

8. An adult human being normally passes about 1 to _______of urine in 24 hours.
(A) 1.2 L (B) 2.5 L
(C) 3.0 L (D) 1.8 L

9. On 11 December 2014, the United Nations proclaimed _______as the
International Day of Yoga by resolution 69/131.
(A) 21 June
(B) 25 June
(C) 25 May (D) 21 May

10. Nobel prize for inventing Vitamin K in 1943 was given to _____.
(A) EC Kendel (B) Doisy & Dam
(C) Carl Linnaeus (D) Stanford Moore

11. Who is the author of the book ‘Inside IB and RAW: The Rolling Stone That
Gathered Moss’?
(A) Ashok Chaturvedi (B) Vikram Sood
(C) K Sankaran Nair
(D) KC Verma

12. Which amendment conferred simultaneous power upon Parliament and the State
Legislatures to make laws governing goods and services tax?
(A) 101st Amendment Bill, 2014
(B) 115th Amendment Bill, 2014
(C) 120th Amendment Bill, 2014 (D) 122nd Amendment Bill, 2014

13. An unauthorised computer program behaving like an authorised program,
thereby concealing what it is actually doing, is probably:
(A) Trojan Horse
(B) Voyeur
(C) Diddling (D) Spamming

14. 16 year old Saurabh Chaudhary who won a gold medal in shooting at Jakarta
Asian Games, 2018, hails from______of Uttar Pradesh.
(A) Allahabad (B) Gorakhpur
(C) Meerut
(D) Aligarh

15. Which of the following is NOT a tributary of the river Yamuna?
(A) Ken (B) Betwa
(C) Chambal (D) Kalyani

16. The soil in which potash is mainly deficient is found in ________district of
Uttar Pradesh.
(A) Jaunpur
(B) Baharaich
(C) Balrampur (D) Gonda

17. Which of the following Dsctricts of Uttar Pradesh is a part of Bundelkhand
(A) Chandauli (B) Auraiya
(C) Mahoba
(D) Etah

18. The Lion Capital of Ashoka, which has been adopted as the National Emblem by
the Government of India, is preserved in the ________museum.
(A) Kushinagar (B) Sarnath
(C) Kannauj (D) Lumbini

19. Which of the following regions of Uttar Pradesh was known as Jeijak-Bhukti
or Jayhoti under the Chandel rulers?
(A) Avadh (B) Bundelkhand
(C) Kashi (D) Doab

20. Uttar Pradesh is also credited with publishing the first feminist magazine
_______in 1847 whose editor was Bhartendu Harishchandra.
(A) Bala Bodhini
(B) Saraswati
(C) Sitare Hind (D) Udant Martand

21. The famous sitar maestro Nawab Inayat Khan belonged to _______ of Uttar
(A) Etah (B) Etawah
(C) Auriya
(D) Firozabad

22. In which city was the third Buddhist Council held?
(A) Yangon (B) Patliputra
(C) Vaishali (D) Rajgir

23. In which year was the Reserve Bank of India established?
(A) 1930 (B) 1935
(C) 1940 (D) 1945

24. Chemanchery Kunhiraman Nair is a noted dancer associated with which of the
following dance forms?
(A) Kathakali
(B) Mohiniyattam
(C) Bharatnatyam (D) Yakshagana

25. What is India’s rank globally in the production of onion as per Food and
Agriculture Organization Corporate Statistical Database, 2016?
(A) First (B) Second
(C) Third
(D) Fourth

26. What was the growth percentage in India’s exports during the financial year
(A) 6.8 per cent (B) 7.8 per cent
(C) 8.8 per cent (D) 9.8 per cent

27. Which of the following Parts of the Constitution of India deals with
(A) Part VI (B) Part II
(C) Part VIII (D) Part XII

28. A child below the age of_____ years CANNOT be employed to work in any
factory under Article 24 of the Constitution of India.
(A) 14
(B) 15
(C) 16 (D) 17

29. Which of the following Articles of the Constitution of India deals with the
manner of election of President?
(A) Article 67 (B) Article 55
(C) Article 51 (D) Article 74

30. Who among the following was the Deputy Speaker of the first Lok Sabha in
(A) Rabi Ray (B) Bali Ram Bhagat
(C) M Ananthasayanam Ayyangar
(D) G Lakshmanan

31. Article 66 of the Constitution of India deals with:
(A) the constitution of Parliament (B) election of Vice-President
(C) duration of Houses of Parliament (D) the Attorney-General for India

32. The capital of Syria is:
(A) Aleppo (B) Damascus
(C) Homs (D) Hamah

33. Which of the following is the currency of Myanmar?
(A) Kyat
(B) Naira
(C) Rial (D) Krone

34. Which of the following is the most populated country in Africa?
(A) Morocco (B) Nigeria
(C) Benin (D) Somalia

35. Which among the following countries of North America has the largest forest
area in the North American region in terms of percentage to total land area ?
(A) Cuba (B) Canada
(C) Haiti (D) Jamaica

36. Which of the following rivers does NOT drain into the Bay of Bengal?
(A) Narmada
(B) Kaveri
(C) Krishna (D) Godavari

37. The noted human rights activist Kriti Bharti is engaged in a crusade
(A) acid attacks on women (B) child and bonded labour
(C) child marriages
(D) manual scavenging

38. The Government of India is going to provide to Chhattisgarh a specialized
anti-Naxal combat force called:
(A) Black Panther
(B) Greyhounds
(C) Cobra (D) White Tiger