MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Solved Papers 5-8-2018 Download

Dear Aspirants, You can download the previous General Studies Paper of MPPSC State Forest Service Mains from here. This examination was conducted on many test centers on 5 August 2018. Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission will conduct the Mains Examination for the various vacancies in different departments in the coming months. Therefore, the candidate should now make good preparation for the Men’s Examination. If the candidates practice more sample papers, then you can write the written exam within the time limit and get good marks.

1. Which river crosses Tropic of cancer twice?
(A) Narmada (B) Tapti
(C) Chambal (D) Mahi ✓

2. Narmada Valley is situated in between-
(A) Vindhyachal and Aravali
(B) Vindhyachal and Satpura ✓
(C) Vindhyachal and Eastern Ghat
(D) Vindhyachal and Western Ghat

3. Which is the total forest cover area of Madhya Pradesh (year 2013)?
(A) 77522 sq. km.✓ (B) 75722 sq. km.
(C) 57722 sq. km. (D) 57275 sq. km.

4.Which is the rank of Madhya Pradesh in India in terms of scheduled Tribe Population?
(A) First ✓ (B) Second
(C) Third (D) Fourth

5. Area of maximum rainfall in India is–
(A) Mawsinram ✓ (B) Cherapunji
(C) Mahabaleshwar (D) Amarkantak

6. Main causes of origin of Monsoon-
(A) Easterly and westerly Jet (B) ITCZ
(C) Alnino (D) All of the above ✓

7. Hirakund Project is situated–
(A) Kaveri (B) Godavari
(C) Mahanadi ✓ (D) Chambal

8. Bases of industrial region classification is-
(A) Number of Registered units of industries
(B) Number of industrial workers
(C) Population engaged in tertiary activities
(D) All of the above ✓

9. According to 2011 state of maximum population in India is-
(A) West Bengal (B) Bihar
(C) Uttar Pradesh ✓ (D) Maharashtra

10. Pattern of settlement in Ganga Yamuna Doab region is-
(A) Scattered (B) Random
(C) Compact Random✓ (D) Semi sprinkled

11. Which article of the Constitution provides the right to be informed of the grounds of arrest?
(A) Article 20 (B) Article 21
(C) Article 22 ✓ (D) Article 23

12. In parliament a question to which a member desires an oral answer in the house is called-
(A) Starred question ✓ (B) Unstarred question
(C) Short notice question (D) None of the above

13. By which constitutional amendment the term ‘Internal disturbance’ was replaced by ‘armed rebellion’ under article 352?
(A) 42nd Amendment (B) 44th Amendment ✓
(C) 48th Amendment (D) 52nd Amendment

14. To review the annual statement of accounts and annual progress report of the Panchayat is the main function of–
(A) Gram Panchayat (B) Gram Sabha ✓
(C) Jila Panchayat (D) Collector

15. Who appoints judges of courts Lower than the High court?
(A) Senior Judges (B) Chief Justice of high court
(C) Governor ✓ (D) Chief Minister

16. ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ aims to provide every rural family with a toilet by-
(A) 2018 (B) 2019 ✓
(C) 2020 (D) 2021

17. To consult the chief minister of a state before nominating the governor of that state is a–
(A) Convention ✓ (B) Constitutional provision
(C) Rule (D) Supreme court verdict

18. Who is Lokayukta of Madhya Pradesh at present?
(A) N.K. Gupta ✓ (B) U.c. Maheshwari
(C) P.V. Dixit (D) Hemant Gupta

19.Which of the following statements is right-
(A) There are 50 Jila Panchayats and 313 Janpad Panchayats in Madhya Pradesh
(B) There are 51 Jila Panchayats and 313 Janpad Panchayats in Madhya Pradesh✓
(C) There are 51 Jila Panchayats and 312 Janpad Panchayats in Madhya Pradesh
(D) There are 52 Jila Panchayats and 313 Janpad Panchayats in Madhya Pradesh

20. Under article 323 of the Constitution the State Public Service Commission has a duty to present annually a report of the work done by the commission. To whom this report is presented?
(A) Chief Minister (B) Vidhan Sabha
(C) Cabinet (D) Governor ✓

21. Medieval Chandel dynasty was founded by–
(A) Chandela (B) Nannuka ✓
(C) Parmeshwar Varman (D) Nrisimha

22. Ayas described in the Rigveda is–
(A) Metal ✓ (B) Pot
(C) Grain (D) Cattle

23. For deliberations on the Wavels (1945) plan, a conference was called at?
(A) New Delhi (B) Calcutta
(C) Shimla ✓ (D) Nainital

24. Who among the following was not a ruler of the Parmar dynasty?
(A) Siyak II (B) Bhoj
(C) Parmardideva ✓ (D) Sindhuraj

25. The founder of the Vikram Shila university was?
(A) Gopal (B) Dharmapala ✓
(C) Rampala (D) Mani pala

26. The battle of 10 kings is associated with?
(A) Rigveda ✓ (B) Indica
(C) Arthashashtra (D) All of the above

27. Which of the following book was not written by Bhawbhuti?
(A) Maltimadhav (B) Kavi Priya ✓
(C) Mahavir Charit (D) Uttarram Charit

28. Makhanlal Chaturvedi Festival is organized at-
(A) Bhopal (B) Shajapur
(C) fIoshangabad (D) Khandwa ✓

29.T he quit India movement of 1942 started in Madhya Pradesh from–
(A) Vidisha ✓ (B) Mandu
(C) Mhow (D) Jabalpur

30.Commonly, who among the ashtapradhan of Shivaji was not assigned war responsibilities?
(A) Mantri and Sachiv (B) Mantri and Sumant
(C), Panditrao and Nyayadhish ✓ (D) Sachiv and Sumant

31. The ffive-yearplan model of India is supposed to be taken from?
(A) USA (B) USSR ✓
(C) UK (D) UAE

32. Who among the following is the Chairman of the fourteenth finance commission-
(A) Ajay Narayan Jha (B) Urjit Patel
(C) Y.V. Reddy ✓(D) Sushma Nath

33.White revolution started in India with the establishment of National Dairy Development Board. In which year this Board was established?
(A) 1962 AD (B) 1970 AD ✓
(C) 1975 AD (D) 1980 AD

34. Sindri fertilizer factory is located in–
(A) Chattisgarh (B) Madhya Pradesh
(C) Jharkhand ✓ (D) Odisha

35.Which five year plan of India adopted the Prof. Mahalnobis model?
(A) First plan (B) Second plan ✓
(C) Third plan (D) Fourth plan

36. Indian Rupee trade takes place with-
(A) USA (B) Russia ✓
(C) China (D) Japan

37.Who is the writer of ‘Condition of Economic Progress’?
(A) Dr. Gaurav Datt (B) Colin Clark ✓
(C) l.G. Patel (D) Heckscher Ohlin

38.Who said ‘Heavy Industry is a Synonym of Development’?
(A) Jawahar Lal Nehru ✓ (B) Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel
(C) Prof. Mahalnobis (D) Pranav K. Barman

39. M.P. State small forest produce cooperative society was established in–
(A) 1980 A.D. (B) 1984 A.D. ✓
(C) 1988 A.D. (D) 1990 A.D.

40.Which district in M.P. has attained highest population growth during 2001-2011 ?
(A) Indore ✓ (B) Bhopal
(C) Gwalior (D) Dhar

41. In comparison to fossil fuels nuclear energy is–
(A) Expensive (B) Cheap
(C) Disastrous ✓ (D) Hastle-free

42. The antibiotic pencilin is extracted from–
(A) Bacteria (B) Virus
(C) Plant ✓ (D) Animal

43. The following plant is able to absorb most of the pollutant in water–
(A) Mango (B) Coconut
(C) fIydrilla (D) Eichhornia ✓

44. The Chipko movement was initiated from which place?
(A) Patna (B) Trishur
(C) Garhwal Himalayas ✓ (D) Jammu

45. To safe guard our water resouces, the Government of India ha, passed the water (prevention and control of pollution) Act in-
(A) 1984 A.D. (B) 1974 AI ✓
(C) 1972 A.D. (D) 1987 AI

46. Where and when the Olympic Flag was furled?
(A) 1912 Stockholm (Sweden) (B) 1908 London (England)
(C) 1920 Antwarp (Belgium) ✓ (D) 1896 Athens (Greece)

47. In which city Commonwcalh Games will be held in the lear 2022 ?
(A) Melbourne (B) Glassgo
(C) Birmingham ✓ (D) Victoria

48. When Vikram award was Introduced in Madhya Pradesh?
(A) 20 June, 1985 (B) 15 July, 1990
(C) 1 January, 1990 (D) 15 May, 1990 ✓

49. Sourabh Verma is related to which game–
(A) Badminton ✓ (B) Cricket
(C) Football (D) Hock

50. ‘Dunk Shot’ is related to nlch game?
(A) Hockey (B) Football
(C) Softball (D) Basketball ✓

51. Which of the following opuonss the correct plural form pi ‘the eat’s eye’ ?
(A) The cats eye (B) The cats eyes ✓
(C) The cats eyes (D) The cats eyes

52. What is the word or group of words called that tells us something about the subject ?
(A) Adjective (B) Subject
(C) Predicate ✓ (D) Clause

53. Which of these is an Intransitive verb?
(A) Sell (B) Growel ✓
(C) Read (D) Finished

54. What do we call a person who knows many languages?
(A) Polygamy (B) Polyandry
(C) Polyglot ✓ (D) Patriarchy

55. Which of the following options has a Spelling mistake?
(A) Begin-Beginner (B) Plan-planing ✓
(C) Parallel-Paralleled (D) Model-Modelled

56. What is the correct Passive voice of the sentence?
‘Does Sita write this story’ ?
(A) Does this story written by Sita
(B) Is this story written by Sita ✓
(C) Is this story being written by Sita
(D) Has this story been written by Sita

57. What is the correct Active voice of the sentence ?
‘Why is a noise made’ ?
(A) Why do they make a noise ✓
(B) Why has a noise been made
(C) Why is a noise made by them
(D) None of the above

58.Which is the correct indirect Speech of the sentence?
Ram says to me, ‘you are dull’.
(A) Ram said to me that you are dull
(B) Ram tells me that I was dull
(C) Ram tells me that I am dull ✓
(D) Ram told me that I was dull

59. Which is the correct indirect Speech of the sentence?
He said, ‘Two and two make four’.
(A) He said that two and two made four
(B) He said that two and two make four ✓
(C) He told that two and two will make four
(D) He said that two and two makes four

60. Which of these sentences is an example of a Complex sentence?
(A) I am not a man and I will deceive you
(B) I am not a man to deceive you
(C) I am not a man who will deceive you ✓
(D) None of the above

61. Ten letter was written a pen–
(A) By (B) With ✓
(C) From (D) To

62. The kilometers not a long distance–
(A) Is ✓ (B) Are
(C) Has (D) Were

63. My parents as well as I present there–
(A) Was (B) Am
(C) Were ✓ (D) Will

64. It was unique sight–
(A) a ✓ (B) an
(C) the (D) No article

65. He and the tree–
(A) Run, climb (B) Run, climbed
(C) Ran, climbed ✓ (D) Ran, climb

66. How were the household items brought in?
(A) In a Van ✓ (B) In a Car
(C) In a Rikshaw (D) On the head

67. How many members were there in the newly arrived family?
(A) Seven ✓ (B) Nine
(C) Six (D) Five

68. How were the children of the new neighbour ?
(A) Dull and boring (B) Quarrelsome and contentious
(C) Loved playing games ✓ (D) Studious and thoughtful

69.What does the Phrase ‘Pointblank range’ mean, in popular usage?
(A) Extremely close ‘can’t miss’ range ✓
(B) Name of a popular game
(C) A kind of garden in England
(D) Helpful neighbours

70. How was the house next door changed after the arrival of Robinsons?
(A) It was full of gardening problems (B) It was full of life and laughter ✓
(C) It was overgrown with weeds (D) Robinsons left it for holidays

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