List of Chief Election Commissioners of India (1950-2019)

Chief Election Commissioners of India: Election Commission is to supervise and control all matters relating to elections to the parliament and state assemblies as well as the division of the president and vice-president (Art. 324). The election commission could contain the Chief Election Commissioner and such other election commissioner since the president could appoint from time to time, when another election commissioner is appointed, the chief election commissioner shall be the Chairman of the Election Commission. The Chief Election Commissioner cannot be removed from office except in precisely the exact same way and on the very same grounds as a judge of the Supreme Court (Art. 324). In India, elections have been conducted through an independent agency called the Election Commission. Art. 324 of the Indian Constitution states,

(1) The Superintendence, direction and control, the preparation of the electoral rolls for, and the conduct of all elections to the Parliament, state legislature and the elections to the office of the President and the Vice-President held under the Indian Constitution shall be vested in the commission.

(2) The Election Commission shall consist of the Chief Election Commissioner, and such number of other election commissioners if any, as the President may from time to time fix and the appointment of the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) and the other Election Commissioners shall subject to the provisions of any law made in the behalf by Parliament be made by the President. Until 1989, the Election Commission was a one-member commission. In 1989, the President appointed two election commissioners, but after two and half months the President’s notification was withdrawn and the newly appointed election commissioners were removed from office.

The then Chief Election Commissioner, T.N. Sheshan challenged the Govt. decision to appoint two Election Commissioners in Supreme Court. The Supreme Court, however, declared that “the question whether it is necessary to appoint other Election Commissioner besides the CEC is for the Govt. to decide and it is not a justiciable matter.

Questions to ask Election Commissioners of India

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List of Chief Election Commissioners of India–

S No Name Took Office

Left Office

1 Sukumar Sen 21 March 1950 19 December 1958
2 Kalyan Sundaram 20 December 1958 30 September 1967
3 SP Sen Verma 1 October 1967 30 September 1972
4 Nagendra Singh 1 October 1972 6 February 1973
5 T. Swaminathan 7 February 1973 17 June 1977
6 S. L. Shakdhar 18 June 1977 17 June 1982
7 R. K. Trivedi 18 June 1982 31 December 1985
8 R. V. S. Peri Sastri 1 January 1986 25 November 1990
9 V. S. Ramadevi 26 November 1990 11 December 1990
10 T. N. Seshan 12 December 1990 11 December 1996
11 M. S. Gill 12 December 1996 13 June 2001
12 J. M. Lyngdoh 14 June 2001 7 February 2004
13 T. S. Krishnamurthy 8 February 2004 15 May 2005
14 T. S. Krishnamurthy 16 May 2005 29 June 2006
15 N. Gopalaswami 30 June 2006 20 April 2009
16 Navin Chawla 21 April 2009 29 July 2010
17 S. Y. Quraishi 30 July 2010 10 June 2012
18 V. S. Sampath 11 June 2012 15 January 2015
19 H. S. Brahma 16 January 2015 18 April 2015
20 Nasim Zaidi 19 April 2015 5 July 2017
21 Achal Kumar Jyoti 6 July 2017 22 January 2018
22 Om Prakash Rawat 23 January 2018 2 December 2018
22 Sunil Arora 3 December 2018 Incumbent

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