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A comprehensive and updated question bank of multiple choice objective practice questions and answers on Plant Pathology for Competitive Exams like General Agriculture for ICAR and other JRF, SRF, ARS, Ph.D., M.Sc., IBPS, AFO, AO, IFS, NABARD and Tests.

1. Per capita fish availability in India is (annually)–
(A) 15 kg (B) 6 kg
(C) 8 kg✓ (D) 11 kg

2. Oxidation is related to–
(A) Protein (B) Carbohydrate
(C) Vitamin (D) Fat✓

3. When EL Nino occurs, it affects the countries or the region by way of–
(A) Floods (B) Cyclones✓
(C) Drought (D) Tomedo

4. Shark liver oil is a good source of–
(A) Vitamin – E (B) Vitamin – A✓
(C) Lpids (D) Minerals

5. The largest ocean in the world is–
(A) Indian (B) Pacific✓
(C) Atlantic (D) Antartic

6. Most preferred food item of carp spawn–
(A) Rotifer✓ (B) Phytoplankton
(C) Clliorelln (D) Chaetocerous

7. Rihand reservoir is known for the fishery of large sized–
(A) C. mrigata (B) W. aiiu
(C) P. pnngasius (D) C. catla✓

8. The fecundity of an individual fish is called–
(A) Absolute fecundity✓ (B) Relative fecundity
(C) Ovarian fecundity (D) None

9. In the length weight relationship of the form, Y = axb allometry is indicated if the value of b is greater than–
(A) 0’05 (B) 1.0
(C) 3′ 0✓ (D) 10.0

10. A breed of fish produced in the same year is known as–
(A) Year class✓ (B) Age group
(C) Recruitments (D) None of the above

11. The productivity of a reservoir depends on its–
(A) Area (B) Plankton resources
(C) Stocking rate, exploitation methods and conservation methods (D) All✓

12. The Elasmobranchs contribute the maximum annual landing in India from–
(A) North east (B) South east✓
(C) South west (D) North east

13. Two fauling organisms of crabt are–
(A) Isopods and myriopods (B) Blue and green mussle
(C) Barnacles and oysters✓ (D) Cardium and my a

14. Belly scutes are present in–
(A) Sardinella✓ (B) Leiognathus
(C) Mugil (D) Chanos

15. The common indigenous larval fish is–
(A) Chanda nama✓ (B) Labeo rohita
(C) Channa punciatus (D) Clarias bairachus

16. Arginine is a amino acids–
(A) An acidic (B) Basic✓
(C) Sulphur containing (D) Methionine .containing

17. Coral reefs are found in India along the coasts of–
(A) Sagar Islands (B) Kerala
(C) Andaman & Nicobar Islands✓ (D) Andhra Pradesh

18. Induced breeding was practiced by people of which country in 1930–
(A) Brazil✓ (B) India
(C) China (D) Japan

19. Which induced breeding agent developed indigenously ?
(A) Ova prim (B) Ovatide✓
(C) FSH (D) GnRH

20. Widely distributed bivalve along the coast of India is–
(A) Calm✓ (B) Oyster
(C) Green mussle (D) Blue mussle

21. Act of identification of disease is known as–
(A) Diagnosis✓ (B) Synthesis
(C) Scoliosis (D) Genesis

22. One knot in ship is–
(A) 1.8 nautical miles/hr✓ (B) 6 nautical miles/hr
(C) 8′ nautical miles /hr (D) 10 nautical miles/hr

23. IMC (Indian Major Crops) spawns in–
(A) Afternoon (B) Morning✓
(C) Night (D) Evening

24. Annually, total fisheries potential of India is–
(A) 8.4 mt✓ (B) 6.4 mt
(C) 6.2 mt  (D) 10 mt

25. Equipment used for measuring the gross energy is–
(C) Bomb Calorimeter✓ (D) Spectrophotometer

26. Larvae of eel is known as–
(A) Leptocephalus✓ (B) Cyphonata
(C) Phyllosoma (D) Spat

27. Argulus is commonly found in ponds with–
(A) Low saline water
(B) Low alkainity
(C) High turbidity (D) High organic matter✓

28. Single most cultured shellfish in world is–
(A) C. gigas✓ (B) Lobster
(C) Cuttle fish
(D) Scylla serrata

29. Indian hill trout is–
(A) Schizothorax (B) Rohu
(C) Mnrieus bola✓ (D) Catla

30. Chromosome number in Indian Major Carps (IMC) Rohu is–
(A) 50✓ (B) 46
(C) 88 (D) 22

31. Main composition of fish inducing agent (Ova prim) is–
(A) LHRA (B) LHRA-analogue✓
(C) G n RH (D) FSH

32. To minimize the cannibalism of Wallagaattu which color is given to tanks-
(A) Green (B) Red✓
(C) Blue (D) Violet

33. Preparations of fish feed by maximizing profit and minimizing cost is possible by–
(A) Pearson square (B) Linear programming✓
(C) Heat and trail (D) Complex square

34. Grass carp are used for control of–
(A) Phytoplankton (B) Macrophytes✓
(C) Zooplankton (D) Insects

35. Adults of which of the following fishes are iIiophagous in their feeding habit–
(A) Etroplus suratensis (B) Mugil ceplialus✓
(C) Mugil persia (D) Pobjnemus tetradacrflus

36. A fish seed hatchery can well run by obtaining iron free water from–
(A) Tube well (B) Bore well
(C) River✓ (D) Pond

37. Ichthyophthiris multifilis belongs to the group of–
(A) Fungi (B) Nematode
(C) Crustacea (D) Protozoa✓

38. Integrated farming of rice and fish results in an increase of rice
production by–
(A) 5-8 %, (B) 8-12 %
(C) 15- 20 %✓ (D) 25-30 %

39. The well known reservoir on Tapti river is–
(A) Hirakltd (B) Ukai✓
(C) Aliyar (D) Sardar sarovar

40. Mowrin kills fish through–
(A) Asphyxiation
(B) Increasing the ammonia level
(C) Production of Hydrogen Sulphide (D) Haemolysing the blood cells✓

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