Global Warming Essay in English – Causes, Effects and Solutions (400 Words)

The meaning of global warming is the continuous and steady process of raising the temperature of the earth surface. It has affected the nature’s balance, biodiversity and climatic conditions of the earth. It is a significant environmental problem that we are facing today, need to get it solved permanently. The Arctic is one of the worst places affected by global warming.

More than 1 million species have become extinct due to the effects of global warming. Greenhouse gases like CO2, methane are the leading causes of rising global warming on earth. These gases directly affect the melting ice caps, rising sea levels, glaciers, unexpected changing climate. It has been estimated that the temperature of the earth surface has increased to a high level since the mid 20th century due to the raised atmospheric greenhouse gas globally.

The temperature of the earth surface has been measured in 1983, 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1991 as the warmest six years of the past century. This raising global warming causes unexpected disasters on the earth like a tsunami, drought, flood, cyclones, landslides, ice melting, lack of food, epidemic diseases, death etc. The Montana Glacier National Park has only 25 glaciers instead of 150 that were there in the year 1910.

Raising global warming causes of the more water evaporation from an earth surface into the atmosphere, which in turn become a greenhouse gas and again causes a rise in global warming. There are some other reasons why global warming happens such as the burning of fossil fuels, use of fertilizers, increase of other gases like CFCs, tropospheric ozone and nitrous oxide. The last reason for such causes is a population explosion, increasing demand for industrial expansion, deforestation, priority towards urbanization, etc.

Natural processes of the environment are being disturbed by us through the deforestation and use of technological advancement like making a hole in ozone layer, global carbon cycle etc and allowing the Ultra Violent rays to come on earth thus increasing global warming. By planting the trees on the planet we can reduce extra carbon dioxide from the air and making it in balance. We need to stop deforestation to cause global warming free environment. Controlling the population growth is also a prominent subject towards reducing global warming all through the world as it lessens the use of destructive technologies on the earth. So we should give our best to reduce global warming and must urge other people to provide their support.

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