Fisheries related Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

A comprehensive and updated question bank of multiple choice objective practice questions and answers on Fisheries for Competitive Exams like General Agriculture for ICAR and other JRF, SRF, ARS, Ph.D., M.Sc., IBPS, AFO, AO, IFS, NABARD and Tests.

1. For spawning of 1 kg of carp, how much water is required in hatchery–
(A) 1 m 3✓ (B) 10 m 3
(C) 50 m3 (D) 80 m

2. Cathepsins are–
(A) Proteolytic enzymes✓ (B) Lipases
(C) Nucleotidase (D) Kinase

3. Blue color of sea water is due to–
(A) Scattering effect of light✓ (B) Reflection
(C) Diffraction (D) Integration

4. Diseases found in fish mainly due to–
(A) Gram – ve organisms✓ (B) Gram + ve organisms
(C) Protozoan (D) Fungus

5. The scientific name of goat fish is–
(A). Saurida tunibil (B) Sillago sihania
(C) Llpeneus vittatus✓ (D) Cybium gutatus

6. Active components of Mahua Oil Cake is–
(A) Rotenone (B) Acid
(C) Saponin✓ (D) Menthonine

7. Exclusive Economic Zone of India extends from shore to … … …. nautical miles–
(A) 320 (B) 350
(C) 200✓ (D) 180

8. Epilimnetic zone is the layer of lake water which lies–
(A) Below thermocline (B) Near the bottom
(C) Above thermocline✓ (D) At the thermocline region

9. The blue green algae __ contain 71% protein–
(A) Spirulina✓ (B) Microcystis
(C) Anabaena (D) Verticella

10. The marine shrimp that does not come to brackish water for breeding is–
(A) P. monodon (B) P. indica
(C) M. rosenbergii (D) P. stylifera✓

11. Scientific name of sea cock-up /bass is known as–
(A) S. lineolatus (B) L. rohita
(C) L. calcarifer✓ (D) M. cephalus

12. Evaluation of profitability is calculated by–
(A) NPV (B) B: C ratio
(C) IRR (D) All of these✓

13. Yellowfin tuna is–
(A) Katsuionus pelamis (B) AllXis thazard
(C) Gumnosarda unicolor (D) Tltunnus albacores✓

14. The contribution of aquaculture to total fish production in India is about–
(A) 32 % (B) 22 %
(C) 50 %✓ (D) 40 %

15. The largest reservoir of India is located in–
(A) A. P. (B) H. P.
(C) M. P. (D) Orrisa✓

16. Widely distributed and cultured fish species in the world is–
(A) Silver carp (B) Grass carp✓
(C) Common carp (D) L. rohita

17. Which among the following fish is common carp ?
(A) L. rohita (B) B. bola
(C) Cypinous carpio✓ (D) M. cephalus

18. Optimum protein requirement for P. ntonodon is–
(A) 20 %
(B) 25 %
(C) 40 %✓ (D) 50 %

19. In feed, shark gel is used–
(A) To increase water stability of feed✓ (B) Texture
(C) Color (D) Smell

20. On an average, the body of fish contains protein–
(A) 10 % (B) 14 %
(C) 15-22 %✓ (D) 25-30 %

21. Graphic representation of trophic level in an ecosystem is known as–
(A) Food chain✓ (B) Food web
(C) Cold chain (D) Sulphur chain

22. Gas bubble disease is associated with super saturation of–
(A) 02 / N2✓ (B) CO2
(C) S02 (D) NH3/ H2S

23. Larvae of fresh water mussle (L. marginalis) is–
(A) Tocophor (B) Pedivelligen
(C) Clochidium✓ (D) Spat

24. Organisms that do not tolerate wide ranges of salinity are–
(A) Euryhaline (B) Eurythermal
(C) Stenohaline✓ (D) Stenothermal

25. Megalopa is associated with–
(A) Octopus (B) Starfish
(C) Prawns (D) Crabs✓

26. Community Development Programme was started in–
(A) 1958 (B) 1953
(C) 1952✓ (D) 1976

27. The most widely cultured fish in the brackish waterponds of S.E. Asia is–
(A) Mugil (B) Sea bass
(C) Milk fish✓ (D) Pearl spot

28. Aspergillus spp. produces toxin known as–
(A) Neurotoxin (B) Aflatoxin✓
(C) Figuatoxin (D) Sarcotoxin

29. Portion of the lake basin situated below the sea level is known as–
(A) Apex point (B) End point
(C) Cryptodepression✓ (D) Mean sea level

30. Alima is the larvae of–
(A) Crab (B) Lobster
(C) Squilla✓ (D) Prawn

31. Occurrence of senile fish in a population indicates–
(A) Over exploitation (B) Migration
(C) Under exploitation✓ (D) None

32. At every trophic level, the amount of energy lost is about–
(A) 50 % (B) 65 %
(C) 80 % (D) 90 %✓

33.  In temperate lake, the surface temperature–
(A) ‘Never goes above 4°C (B) Varies above and below 4°C✓
(C) Always remains above 4°C
(D) Remains above 4°C

34. Which among the following are a typical anaerobic bacteria?
(A) E. coli (B) Faecal streptococci
(C) Bacillus subiilis (D) Clostridium botulinum✓

35. Chromosome umber in Penaeu monodon is–
(A) 50 (B) 88✓
(C) 46 (D) 36

36. Pearl spot is known as–
(A) E. suratensis✓ (B) T. nilotica
(C) Magil cephalus (D) Scylla serrata

37. Amount of organic matter stored after expenditure in terms of respiration is ermed as–
(A) Gross primary production (B) Net primary production✓
(C) Respiration (D) none

38. The Iyo of weight gain achieved by selective breeding in Rohu is–
(A) 45 (B) 30
(C) 14 (D) 34✓

39. Mina Mata Bay disease in Japan happened due to–
(A) Methyl mercury✓ (B) Cadmium poisoning
(C) Hydrochloric acid (D) Methyl isocyanides

40. Fish dies after spawning (Catadromous fish)–
(A) Trout (B) Atlantic salmon
(C) C. hilsa (D) Eel✓

41. Which of the following hormone in fish is used for feminisation ?
(A) 17 -13 – estradiol✓ (B) Testosterone

42. Cell lines are used in–
(A) Viral cell isolation✓ (B) Immune response studies
(C) Prophylaxis (D) Bacterial cell isolation

43. Gear used in deepwater to capture fish in reservoir is–
(A) Tramel net (B) Trawl net
(C) Gill net✓ (D) Seine net

44. Common name of Tinea tinea is–
(A) Doctor carp✓ (B) Tench
(C) Loach (D) Major carp

45. Gel filtration separates protein based on their–
(A) Molecular weight (B) Molecular charge
(C) Atomic number (D) Both charge and size✓

46. Fishes with foreign gene is known as–
(A) Foreign fish (B) Exotic fish
(C) Indigenous fished (D) Transgenic fish✓

47. Material for settlement of Oyster larvae is known as water–
(A) Spat (B) Cultch✓
(C) Claries (D) Butch

48. Central Institute of Fresh Aquaculture is located at–
(A) W. B. (B) Bihar
(C) M. P. (D) Orrisa✓

49. Whirling disease of trout / salmon is associated with–
(A) Myxoso1lla cercbralis✓ (B) M. atri
(C) I. ntultitilis (D) S. doniergue

50. The best algae for Penaeus monodon is–
(A) Chaetocerous✓ (B) Skeletonema
(C) Chlorella (D) Paramuesium

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