Environmental Science Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

Top Environmental Science Questions and Answers are useful for General Agriculture for ICAR and other JRF, SRF, ARS, Ph.D., M.Sc., IBPS, AFO, AO, IFS, NABARD Agri Competitive exams and Tests.

1. The concentration of CO2 in atmosphere is increasing at the rate of about–

(A) 4 % (B) 2 %
(C) 0.4%✓  (D) 0.2%

2. 1 Dobson unit at standard temperature and pressure is equal to ozone column
thickness of–
(A) 1 mm (B) 10 mm
(C) 100 mm (D) 0.01 mm✓

3. Which CFC was discovered first?
(A) CFC – 11 (B) CFC – 12✓  
(C) CFC – 114 (D) CFC – 115

4. The single largest class of insecticides of total registered pesticides in
the world is–
(A) Organochlorine (B) Organophosphate✓ 
(C) Carbamate (D) Pyrethroids
5. Which type of humus is acidic in nature?
(A) Mor✓  (B) Mull
(C) Moder (D) All of the above

6. Law of minimum was given by–
(A) Shelford (B) Liebig✓ 
(C) Blackman (D) Clement

7. The maximum permissible limit of free residual Chlorine in water is–
(A) 2 ppm (B) 0.02 ppm
(C) 0.2 ppm✓ (D) 20 ppm

8. The important GHG mainly released from paddy field is–
(A) CO2 (B) N20
(C) CH4✓
 (D) All of above

9. The National Institute of Oceanography is presently situated at–
(A) Kerala (B) Calicut
(C) Goa✓ (D) Cochin

10. Chaparral vegetation is found in which area?
(A) Deccan plateau (B) Coastal India
(C) Mediterranean areas✓ (D) Between equator & temperate
11. Muscovite is example of which group of 24. minerals?
(A) Feldspar (B) Ferromagnesium
(C) Quartz (D) Mica✓

12. Solubility of gases in water can be calculated by using–
(A) Darcy’s law (B) Henry’s law✓
(C) Avagadro’s law (D) Stoke’s law

13. The main constituent of biogas is–
(A) H2 (B) H 2S
(C) N 2 (D) CH4✓

14. The ministry of Environment was set up in–
(A) 1970 (B) 1975
(C) 1980✓ (D) 1985

15. After methane and carbon dioxide which gas in found in highest concentration
in biogas ?
(A) CO (B) H2✓
(C) N2 (D) H2S

16. The process used for removal of water hardness is–
(A) Zeolite process✓ (B) Haber’s process
(C) Ostwald process (D) None of the above

17. Who gave the term ecosystem and when?
(A) A. G. Tansley (1935)✓ (B) A.G. Tansley (1925)
‘(C) E. P. Odum (1935) (D) E.P. Odum (1925)

18. The first international conference on Environment Education held in–
(A) Tbilisi (B) New Delhi✓
(C) Bombay (D) Turkey

19. Indian Institute of Petroleum in situated at–
(A) New Delhi (B) Goa
(C) Dehradun✓ (D) Mumbai

20. The normal lapse rate of temperature per kilometer is–
(A) 6.4°C✓ (B) 4.6 °C
(C) 10°C (D) 9°C

21. Atmospheric humidity is measured by–
(A) Radiometer (B) Hygrometer✓
(C) Hydrometer (D) Micrometer

22.Which of the following enzymes is involved in the primary carboxylation in C4
(A) RUBP Carboxylase (B) PEP✓
(C) Oxygenase (D) None of the above

23. How many agro – climatic zones are found in India ?
(A) 15✓ (B) 16
(C) 17 (D) 18

24. The atmospheric layer reflecting radio waves is called–
(A) Homosphere (B) Ionosphere ✓
(C) Ozonosphere (D) None of these

25. Headquater of UNEP is situated at–
(A) Kenya✓ (B) Switzerland
(C) U. S. A. (D) Britain

26. At which temp. density of water is found maximum?
(A) 00 C (B) 100 ° C
(C) 15°C (D) 4°C✓
27. What is the studies of trees as individuals in relation to their environment
known as ?
(A) Forest ecology (B) Forest Synecology
(C) Forest Autecology✓ (D) All of the above.

28. The pH of normal rain is–
(A) 6.5 (B) 5.6✓
(C) 4.6 (D) 3.6

29. Which term represents the sum total of life on earth ?
(A) Biomass (B) Gaia
(C) Biosphere✓ (D) Biome
30. Of the following environmental assessment terms, tell which one deals
exclusively with the carbon content of the environment ?
(C) TOC✓ (D) POC

31. What is a chemical substance or physical agent capable of inducing
inheritable genetic change called ?
(A) Carcinogen (B) Mutagen✓
(C) Teratogen (D) Tumorogen
32. Air pollution can be controlled & reduced considerably, but which one of the
following factors comes in its way ?
(A) Politics (B) Economics✓
(C) Ma~power (D) Geography

33. Which harmful gas is emitted by masonry building materials, even ground
(A) H2S (B) Radon✓
(C) Ammonia (D) CO2
34. The process of preparing compost with the help of earth worm is known as
(A) Composting (B) Bioslury
(C) Vermi composting✓ (D) Maturing
35. Mycorrhizae is the association of
(A) Higher plants & fungi✓ (B) Algae & fungi
(C) Lower plants & fungi (D) Both (A) & (C)

36. Largest salt water lake in India is :
(A) Lonar (B) Chilka✓
(C) Sambhar (D) WuIlar

37. When was the Jawaharlal Nehru Community Biodiversity movement launched in
India ?
(A) 1988 (B) 1989✓ 
(C) 1969 (D) 1985
38. In denitrification process the nitrogen is
released in the form of–
(A) NH3 (B) N 2
(C) NzO (D) Both (B) & (C)✓

39. Who coined the term symbiosis ?
(A) A. G. Tansley (B) De Bary✓
(C) Clements (D) McDougall

40. Concept of Hypervolume Niche was given by–
(A) Grinnel (B) Clement
(C) Hutchinson✓ (D) Odum

41. Of the following classes of beings, tell which one is least sensitive to
nuclear radiation’s–
(A) Single Celled organism✓  (B) Amphibians 
(C) Reptiles (D) Birds
42. Of the following types of nuclear bombs, tell which one was tested on a
pacific atoll ?
(A) Atom bomb (B) Hydrogen bomb✓ 
(C) Neutron bomb
(D) None of the above
43. What is lost when one organism consume other?
(A) Food (B) Water
(C) Energy✓ (D) Chemicals

44. Where was. the Mitti bachao (save the soil) movement launched in India ?
(A) Thane, Maharashtra
(B) Mysore. Karnataka
(C) Darbhanga, Bihar (D) Hoshangabad, M. P.✓
45. For the production of biogas, the Indian biogas plant need–
(A) Fire wood (B) Cattle dung 
(C) Agricultural Waste✓  (D) Kerosene.

46. When was the first National Forest Policy formulated’ ?
(A) 1948 (B) 1980
(C) 1964 (D) 1952✓ 

47. When did the Three mile island disaster occur?
(A) 1972 (B) 1979✓
(C) 1980 (D) 1976
48. Which of the following is known as liquid gold ?
(A) Water (B) Petroleum✓ 
(C) Mercury (D) Mustard oil

49. Permanent hardness of water is caused by–
(A) Carbonates & chlorides
(B) Bicarbonates & sulphates
(C) Carbonates & Bicarbonates (D) Chlorides & Sulphates✓
50. Elemental chlorine is widely used in–
(A) Metallurgy (B) Water purification
(C) Process industry✓ (D) Deodrants

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