Which places have given the earliest evidence of agriculture in Indian subcontinent?

(A) Koldihwa
(B) Lahuradeva
(C) Mehrgarh
(D) Tokwa

Correct Answer : Lahuradeva
Question Asked : UP Lower Sub. (Pre) 2008
Explanation : According to the latest research, the earliest evidence of agriculture in Indian sub-continent has been reported from the Lahuradeva site in Sant Kabir Nagar district, Uttar Pradesh. The evidence of human activity and beginning of rice cultivation at this site date back to around 9000 to 8000 B.C. Significantly before this research, the earlier evidence of wheat was found at Mehrgarh (located in Balochistan, Pakistan) belonging to around 7000 B.C. and earliest evidence of rice is known to be near the bank of the river Belan, district Allahabad, from where rice bran was found dating back to 6500 B.C. With above reference, if Lahuradeva is one option, then it will be the correct answer, but if Lahuradeva is not an option, then Mehrgarh would be the right answer.
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