Plant Pathology Question Answers Bank for Competitive Exams

Top Most important Plant Pathology Question Answers Bank are useful for General Agriculture for ICAR and other JRF, SRF, ARS, Ph.D., M.Sc., IBPS, AFO, AO, IFS, NABARD Agri Competitive exams and Tests.

1. Which one of the following fertilizers contain water soluble P–
(C) MAP (D) both (A) and (C)✓

2. In tobacco, the basic aim of topping and desuckering is to–
(A) Reduce the plant height
(B) Encourage branching
(C) Divert energy and nutrients from flower heads to leaves✓
(D) Protect the plants against lodging

3. Which fungicide give effective control of covered smut of barley ?
(A) Vitavax✓ (B) Ceresan
(C) Agrosan 5W (D) Sulphur dust

4. Alternate host of black rust is–
(A) Barberi✓ (B) Bajra
(C) Jowar (D) Wheat

5. Downy mildew include in–
(A) Oomycetes✓ (B) Chytridiomycetes
(C) Zygomycetes (D) Hypochytridiomycetes

6. Smut includes in–
(A) Deuteromycotina (B) Basidiomycotina✓
(C) Ascomycotina (D) Oomycetes

7. Select the nematode (s) which act as vectors of plant viruses–
(A) Xiphinenta index (B) Longidorus
(C) Trichodonts (D) All of these✓

8. Heterodera avenue is–
(A) Root knot nematode (B) Cyst nematode✓
(C) Lesion nematode (D) Lance nematode

9. Leaf curl of tomato is spread by
(A) Jassids (B) White fly✓
(C) Aphids (D) Nematodes

10. Mycoplasma cell membranes have how many layers–
(A) One layer (B) Two layers
(C) Three layers✓ (D) Four layers

11. ‘Plant disease’ written by–
(A) RS Singh✓ (B) Agrios
(C) BB Mundakur (D) KC Mehta

12. Loose smut is controlled by–
(A) Soil treatment (B) Seed treatment✓
(C) Chemical spray (D) None of these

13. Most widely used fungicide for smut fungi is–
(A) Vitavax✓  (B) Plantvax
(C) Dithane (D) Dithane Z-78

14. The gummosis disease of citrus which is caused by Phytophthora palmiuora is identified by observing–
(A) Death of shoot tip (B) Root knot
(C) Chlorosis (D) Oozing of gum✓

15. The most important symptom of wilt of colton (caused by Fusarium oxyspOrlll1l sp. uasinfectunu is–
(A) Necrosis (B) Yellowing of tissues
(C) Discolouration of tissues and plugging of vessels by hyphae✓ (D) All of these

16. The perfect stage of Colletotrichum falcatum (causes red rot of sugarcane) is–
(A) Glonterella tucumanensis✓ (B) Glonterella cingulata
(C) Glomerella lindenutthiatunu (D) None of these

17. Wilt of pigeon pea is caused by–
(A) Fusarium udum✓ (B) Gibberella indica
(C) Rhizopus nigricans (D) Aspergillus flauus

18. Who is considered founder of virology ?
(A) Beijerinck✓ (B) AE Mayer
(C) WM Stanley (D) TO Diener

19. The urdospores of Puccinia grantinis are disseminated by–
(A) Wind✓ (B) Animals
(C) Insect (D) Birds

20. A virus that infects bacteria and destroys them is called as–
(A) Bactericide (B) Bacteriophase✓
(C) Appressorium (D) Agglutination

21. Who is father of plant pathology ?
(A) TJ Burill (B) Needham
(C) Anton de Bary✓ (D) EJ Butler

22. The management of ergot of bajra may be possible by adopting of–
(A) Long crop rotations (B) Keeping seed in 20% salt solution
(C) Spray of oxychloride + zineb (D) All of these✓

23. In India the leaf rust of coffee was first time recorded in–
(A) 1856 (B) 1870✓
(C) 1880 (D) 1943

24. Panama wilt is a disease of–
(A) Bamboo (B) Mango
(C) Pineapple (D) Banana✓

25. Tungro disease of rice is spread by–
(A) Nephotettix uirescens✓ (B) Sogatella furcifera
(C) Nilaparvata lugens (D) Thrips tabacci

26. Tick out the weed fungi for lab–
(A) Aspergillus✓  (B) Alternaria
(C) Penicillium (D) Protomyces

27. Tick out the sexual spores of fungi
(A) Chlamydospores (B) Sporangiospores
(C) Zoospores (D) Zygospores✓

28. Grain smut of sorghum is externally seed borne disease caused by pathogen–
(A) Spltacelotheca reiliana (B) Sphacelotlteca cruenta
(C) Spltacelotheca sorghi✓ (D) Tolijposporium eurenbergii

29. Shape of MLO is–
(A) Rieid (B) Cuboid
(C) Circular (D) Polymorphic✓

30. Yellow vein mosaic of Abelmoschus esculanta (okra) is spreads by–
(A) Bentisia tabaci✓ (B) Aphids
(C) Leaf hopper (D) Animals

31. Phyllody disease of sesamum spread by
(A) Leaf hopper✓ (B) Jassid
(C) Aphid (D) Whitefly

32. Bunchy top of papaya (caused by MLO) is spread by–
(A) Nematodes (B) Fungi
(C) White fly (D) Leaf hoppers✓

33. Nuclear polyhedrosis virus (NPV) is the most effective for control of–
(A) Chilo partellus (B) Pectionophora gossypiella
(C) Helicoverpa armigera✓  (D) Diacrasia obliqua

34. The disease caused by Leptosphaeria sacchari in sugarcane is–
(A) Red rot (B) Black rot
(C) Ring spot✓ (D) None of these

35. The causal organism of bunt of rice is–
(A) Urocystis tritici (B) Tilletia foetidn
(C) Neovossia horrida✓ (D) None of these

36. The leaves of Pongantia glabra and Azadiracltta indica reduces the population of–
(A) Root- knot nematode✓ (B) Cyst nematode
(C) Burrowing nematode (D) Bulb nematode

37. Sandal spike disease of sandal (Salltalu1Jl albu1Jl) is caused by
(A) Bacteria (B) Fungi
(C) MLO✓ (D) Virus

38. The disease damping off seedlings during nursery stage is caused by the pathogen–
(A) Phsjsoderma maydis (B) Pythium aphanidermatutn
(C) Pytllium debaruanum (D) Both (B) and (C)✓

39. Covered smut of barley (caused by listilago hordei) is/are–
(A) Internally seed borne (B) Externally seed borne✓
(C) Both (A) and (B) (D) Not clearly defined

40. The yellow rust of wheat is caused by–
(A) Puccinia strifonuis✓ (B) Puccinia recondita
(C) P. graminis tritici (D) Puccinia hordei

41. The causal organism Neovossia produces–
(A) Urediospores (B) Zoospores
(C) Oospores indica (D) Teliospores✓

42. Fungi imperfecti includes in–
(A) Deuteromycotina✓ (B) Basidiomycotina
(C) Ascomycotina (D) Oom ycetes

43. Panama disease of banana is prevented by–
(A) Spraying zinc carrier (B) Spraying copper fungicide
(C) Application of lime to the soil✓ (D) Providing adequate irrigation

44. ‘Fungi and Disease in Plants’ was written in 1918 by–
(A) JF Dastur (B) BB Mundakur
(C) EJ Butler (D) R. Prasad

45. Teichoic acid found in–
(A) Fungi (B) Gram (+) bacteria✓
(C) Gram (-) bacteria (D) Protozoa

46. Tundu disease (yellow ear rot) of wheat caused by Clavibacter tritici is usually associated with–
(A) Heterodera aueuae (B) Anguina tritici✓
(C) Meloidogijne incognita (D) Pratulenchulus sp.

47. Pronujcelium in rust fungi bears–
(A) Basidiospores✓ (B) Aeciospores
(C) Uredia (D) Telia

48. Early blight of potato is–
(A) Soil borne disease✓ (B) Air borne
(C) Seed borne (D) All of the above

49. Albugo candida produces–
(A) Basidiospores (B) Ascospores
(C) Zoospores (D) Oospores✓

50. Rust of linseed and flax (autoecious rust) is caused by–
(A) Puccinia recondita (B) P. striformis
(C) P. graminis tritici (D) Melantpsora lini✓

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