Name the Site which has revealed the Earliest Evidence of Settled Life

(A) Dholavira
(B) Kile Gul Mohammad
(C) Kalibangan
(D) Mehrgarh

Correct Answer : Mehrgarh
Question Asked : UPPCS (Spl) (Mains) 2008
Explanation : Among the given options, the earliest evidence of settled life has been found from Mehrgarh located in the 'Kachi Plains' of Balochistan (7000 B.C.). Kile Gul Mohammad and Kalibangan have been dated 4000 B.C. and 3500 B.C. respectively. Dholavira is a Harappan site. Hence, option (D) is the correct answer.
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Web Title : name the site which has revealed the earliest evidence of settled life
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