Winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1901-2018)

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry is presented yearly by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to scientists in the different fields of chemistry. Nobel Prize in Chemistry is one of the five Nobel Prizes started by the will of Alfred Nobel in 1895. This award is governed by the Nobel Foundation and awarded by Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences on the proposal of the Nobel Committee for Chemistry which comprises of five representatives elected by Academy. The award is given in Stockholm at an annual ceremony on December 10, the anniversary of Nobel’s death. The first Nobel Prize in Chemistry was presented in 1901 to Jacobus Henricus van’t Hoff, of the Netherlands. He was given this award “for his discovery of the laws of chemical dynamics and osmotic pressure in solutions.” The committee and institution serving as the selection board for the prize typically declare the names of the laureates in October. The award is then presented at a formal function held annually on December 10, the anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death. The Nobel winners in chemistry are elected by a committee that comprises five members elected by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. In its first stage, several thousand people are asked to nominate candidates.

List of Nobel laureates in Chemistry–

Year Laureate Country
2018 Frances Arnold United States
George Smith United States
Gregory Winter United Kingdom
2017 Jacques Dubochet Switzerland
Joachim Frank Germany/United States
Richard Henderson United Kingdom
2016 Jean-Pierre Sauvage France
Fraser Stoddart United Kingdom/United States
Ben Feringa Netherlands
2015 Tomas Lindahl Sweden/United Kingdom
Paul L. Modrich United States
Aziz Sancar United States/Turkey
2014 Eric Betzig United States
Stefan W. Hell Germany/Romania
William E. Moerner United States
2013 Martin Karplus United States/Austria
Michael Levitt United States/United Kingdom/Israel
Arieh Warshel United States/Israel
2012 Robert Lefkowitz United States
Brian Kobilka United States
2011 Dan Shechtman Israel
2010 Richard F. Heck United States
Ei-ichi Negishi Japan
Akira Suzuki Japan
2009 Venkatraman Ramakrishnan United States/India/ United Kingdom
Thomas A. Steitz United States
Ada E. Yonath Israel
2008 Osamu Shimomura Japan
Martin Chalfie United States
Roger Y. Tsien United States
2007 Gerhard Ertl Germany
2006 Roger D. Kornberg United States
2005 Robert H. Grubbs United States
Richard R. Schrock United States
 Yves Chauvin France
2004 Aaron Ciechanover Israel
Avram Hershko Israel
Irwin Rose United States
2003 Peter Agre United States
Roderick MacKinnon United States
2002 John B. Fenn  United States
Koichi Tanaka Japan
Kurt Wüthrich Switzerland
2001 Ryoji Noyori Japan
William S. Knowles United States
K. Barry Sharpless United States
2000 Alan J. Heeger United States
Alan G. MacDiarmid United States/New Zealand
Hideki Shirakawa Japan
1999 Ahmed Zewail United States/Egypt
1998 Walter Kohn United States
John A. Pople United Kingdom
1997 Paul D. Boyer United States
John E. Walker United Kingdom
Jens C. Skou Denmark
1996 Robert F. Curl Jr. United States
Sir Harold W. Kroto United Kingdom
Richard E. Smalley United States
1995 Paul J. Crutzen Netherlands
Mario J. Molina Mexico
F. Sherwood Rowland United States
1994 George A. Olah United States/Hungary
1993 Kary B. Mullis United States
Michael Smith Canada
1992 Rudolph A. Marcus United States/Canada
1991 Richard R. Ernst Switzerland
1990 Elias James Corey United States
1989 Sidney Altman Canada/United States
Thomas Cech United States
1988 Johann Deisenhofer West Germany
Robert Huber West Germany
Hartmut Michel West Germany
1987 Donald J. Cram United States
Jean-Marie Lehn France
Charles J. Pedersen United States
1986 Dudley R. Herschbach United States
Yuan T. Lee United States/Taiwan
John C. Polanyi Canada/Hungary
1985 Herbert A. Hauptman United States
Jerome Karle United States
1984 Robert Bruce Merrifield United States
1983 Henry Taube United States
1982 Aaron Klug United Kingdom
1981 Kenichi Fukui Japan
Roald Hoffmann United States/Poland
1980 Paul Berg United States
Walter Gilbert United States
Frederick Sanger United Kingdom
1979 Herbert C. Brown United States
Georg Wittig West Germany
1978 Peter D. Mitchell United Kingdom
1977 Ilya Prigogine Belgium
1976 William N. Lipscomb United States
1975 John Warcup Cornforth Australia/United Kingdom
Vladimir Prelog Yugoslavia/Switzerland
1974 Paul J. Flory United States
1973 Ernst Otto Fischer West Germany
Geoffrey Wilkinson United Kingdom
1972 Christian B. Anfinsen United States
Stanford Moore United States
William H. Stein United States
1971 Gerhard Herzberg Canada/West Germany
1970 Luis F. Leloir  Argentina
1969 Derek H. R. Barton United Kingdom
Odd Hassel Norway
Derek H. R. Barton United Kingdom
1968 Lars Onsager United States/Norway
1967 Manfred Eigen West Germany
Ronald George Wreyford Norrish United Kingdom
George Porter United Kingdom
1966 Robert S. Mulliken United States
1965 Robert Burns Woodward United States
1964 Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin United Kingdom
1963 Karl Ziegler West Germany
Giulio Natta Italy
1962 Max Ferdinand Perutz United Kingdom
John Cowdery Kendrew United Kingdom
1961 Melvin Calvin United States
1960 Willard Frank Libby United States
1959 Jaroslav Heyrovsky Czechoslovakia
1958 Frederick Sanger United Kingdom
1957 Lord (Alexander R.) Todd United Kingdom
1956 Sir Cyril Norman Hinshelwood United Kingdom
Nikolay Nikolaevich Semenov Soviet Union
1955 Vincent du Vigneaud United States
1954 Linus Pauling United States
1953 Hermann Staudinger West Germany
1952 Archer John Porter Martin United Kingdom
Richard Laurence Millington Synge United Kingdom
1951 Edwin Mattison McMillan United States
Glenn Theodore Seaborg United States
1950 Otto Paul Hermann Diels West Germany
Kurt Alder West Germany
1949 William Francis Giauque United States
1948 Arne Wilhelm Kaurin Tiselius Sweden
1947 Sir Robert Robinson United Kingdom
1946 James Batcheller Sumner United States
John Howard Northrop United States
Wendell Meredith Stanley United States
1945 Artturi Ilmari Virtanen Finland
1944 Otto Hahn Germany
1943 George de Hevesy Germany
1942 Not awarded
1939 Adolf Friedrich Johann Butenandt Germany
Leopold Ruzicka Kingdom of Yugoslavia/Switzerland
1938 Richard Kuhn Germany
1937 Walter Norman Haworth United Kingdom
Paul Karrer Switzerland
1936 Petrus (Peter) Josephus Wilhelmus Debye Netherlands
1935 Frederic Joliot France
Irene Joliot-Curie France
1934 Harold Clayton Urey  United States
1933 Not awarded
1932 Irving Langmuir United States
1931 Carl Bosch Germany
Friedrich Bergius Germany
1930 Hans Fischer Germany
1929 Arthur Harden United Kingdom
Hans Karl August Simon von Euler-Chelpin Sweden
1928 Adolf Otto Reinhold Windaus Germany
1927 Heinrich Otto Wieland Germany
1926 The (Theodor) Svedberg Sweden
1925 Richard Adolf Zsigmondy Germany/Hungary
1924 Not awarded
1923 Fritz Pregl  Austria/Kingdom of Yugoslavia
1922 Francis William Aston United Kingdom
1921 Frederick Soddy United Kingdom
1920 Walther Hermann Nernst Germany
1919 Not awarded
1918 Fritz Haber Germany
1917 Not awarded
1915 Richard Martin Willstatter Germany
1914 Theodore William Richards United States
1913 Alfred Werner Switzerland
1912 Victor Grignard France
Paul Sabatier France
1911 Maria Skłodowska-Curie Poland
1910 Otto Wallach Germany
1909 Wilhelm Ostwald Germany
1908 Ernest Rutherford United Kingdom
1907 Eduard Buchner Germany
1906 Henri Moissan France
1905 Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Adolf von Baeyer Germany
1904 Sir William Ramsay United Kingdom
1903 Svante August Arrhenius Sweden
1902 Hermann Emil Fischer Germany
1901  Jacobus Henricus van t Hoff Netherlands