Who was the First Leader of opposition in Lok Sabha

(A) M. A. Ayyangar
(B) A. K. Gopalan
(C) Neelam Sanjiva Reddy
(D) Bali Ram Bhagat

Correct Answer : A. K. Gopalan
Explanation : The first Lok Sabha leader of opposition in Lok Sabha was A K Gopalan. First Lok Sabha of independent India did not have recognized “Leader of Opposition” as an official position in lack of any opposition party to have 10% seats. The First Lok Sabha was build up on 17 April 1952 after India's first general election. The 1st Lok Sabha completed its full tenure of five years and was dissolved on 4 April 1957. According to Article 93 of the Constitution. The Lok Sabha consists of elected and non-elected officers. The elected members are Speaker and the Deputy Speaker and the non-elected members are the Secretariat staff.
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