What was the aim of Eka Movement in Awadh?

(A) To stop to give rent to the Government
(B) To protect the rights of landlords
(C) End of satyagraha
(D) Transformation of rent into cash.

Correct Answer : Transformation of rent into cash.
Question Asked : 39th BPSC (Pre) 1994
Explanation : The grassroot leadership of the Eka Movement was Madari Pasi and other low-caste leaders and many small Zamindars. Towards the end of 1921, peasant discontent resurfaced in some northern districts of the United Provinces-Hardoi, Bahraich, Sitapur. The issues involved were : (i) High rents-50 per cent higher than the recorded rates; (ii) Oppression of Thikedars in charge of revenue collection; and (iii) The practice of share-rents. The meetings of the Eka or the Unity Movement involved a symbolic religious ritual in which the assembled peasants vowed that they would :
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