The meaning of ‘Jihad’ carried on by Aurangzeb is

(A) Darul-Harb
(B) Dar-ul-Islarni
(C) Holy War
(D) Jizya

Correct Answer : Dar-ul-Islarni
Question Asked : 43rd BPSC (Pre) 1999
Explanation : Aurangzeb was a Sunni Muslim. Aurangzeb tried to enforce the Quranic law, according to which, it behaves every pious Muslim to an expert in the path of God or in other words, to carry on Jihad (holy wars) against non-Muslim lands (Dar- ul-Harb) till they are converted into Islam (Dar-ul-Islam).
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Web Title : the meaning of jihad carried on by aurangzeb is
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