Where did the French East India company first established its factory in India

(A) Calieut
(C) Pondicherry
(B) Surat
(D) Masulipatnam

Correct Answer : Pondicherry
Question Asked : UPSC NDA/NA EXAM 2018
Explanation : Among the Dutch, Danish, Portuguese and French, the French East India Company was the last to be formed It was founded by Jean-Baptiste Colbert in 1664. Under Francis Caron, the company established the first factory at Surat in 1667 and second factory was established at Masulipattanam a year later. In 1741, Joseph Francois Dupleix began to cherish the ambition of a French Empire in India But the problem began to emerge when the conflict of the British and French started. The hopes of the' French company was finally ruined with the arrival of Robert Clive (a British General) in India in 1744.
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