Current Affairs

Current Affairs Question and Answers 2019- Current Affairs based on the national and international events of the day is extremely important for keeping you updated for upcoming competitive examinations. Current Affairs and Somatic Questions are given in English medium. Through which study you can get success by answering the questions asked in exams and interviews like UPSC, State PSC, SSC, IBPS, Railway, Police.

1. India has partnered with which country to tackle chronic air pollution of Delhi?

(A) The USA
(B) The United Kingdom
(C) Netherlands
(D) China

2. Who won gold medal in the 63rd National Shotgun Championship?

(A) Manisha Keer
(B) Rajeshwari Kumari
(C) Karni Singh
(D) Shreyasi Singh

3. Which company has been recognised as IT Ratna of Karnataka?

(B) Infosys
(C) Cognizant
(D) Wipro

4. Which British Viceroy is associated with the Partition of Bengal?

(A) Lord Canning
(B) Lord Curzon
(C) Lord Hardinge
(D) Lord Wellesley

5. Which is a non-metal found in liquid state?

(A) Bromine
(B) Nitrogen
(C) Fluorine
(D) Chlorine

6. The wheel-barrow is an example of

(A) Class III lever
(B) Pulley System
(C) Class I lever
(D) Class II lever

7. Sisseri River Bridge has been inaugurated in which state?

(A) Assam
(B) Arunachal Pradesh
(C) Nagaland
(D) Manipur

8. Where did the dance ‘Kuchipudi’ dance originate?

(A) Andhra Pradesh
(B) Karnataka
(C) Rajasthan
(D) Tamil Nadu

9. The ‘Kannauj assembly’ organised by Harsha was held in honour of

(A) Fahein
(B) I-tsing
(C) Hiuen Tsang
(D) Megasthenes

10. Which organisation has allowed obtaining universal account number online in India?