Who was the First Secretary General of UNO

(A) Dag Hammarskjold
(B) Trygve Lie
(C) Gladwyn Jebb
(D) Ban Ki-moon

Correct Answer : Trygve Lie
Explanation : Trygve Lie (in full Trygve Halvdan Lie) was the first secretary general of UNO. Initially, he was a foreign minister and former labor leader, was recommended by the Soviet Union to fill the post. After the UN involvement in the Korean War, the Soviet Union vetoed Lie's reappointment in 1951. The United States deceived the Soviet Union's veto and recommended reappointment directly to the General Assembly. Lie was appointed again by a vote of 46 to 5, with eight defenses. The Soviet Union remained hostile to Lie, and he resigned in 1952.
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