Who was the first president of All India Kisan Sabha 1944?

(A) Sahajananda Saraswati
(B) Vinoba Bhave
(C) Achyut Rao Patwardhan
(D) Narendra Dev

Correct Answer : Sahajananda Saraswati
Question Asked : UPSC CDS 2018 (II)
The eighth annual session of the All India Kisan Sabha was held, at Bezwadalvijavawada). in Andhra, on March 14 and 15, 1944, under the presidentship of Swami Sahajanand Saraswati. The session was unique in many respects in the history of the Sabha The total gathering at the open session numbered about a lakh including over 10000 women-as big as at Gaya in 1939. The presidential procession on the 14th morning was a disciplined mass of nearly 10000 people formed into a one-mile-long mobile column which marched for three hours through Bezwada town and its outskirts while about as many thousands were witnessing the rousing demonstration in amazement. The main political resolution is on the release of national leaders to end the deadlock. It is of paramount importance to our national life to-day because its main drive goes towards the achievement of Hindu-Muslim and Congress-League unity leading to the release of the leaders, ending the deadlock, and winning a National Government of National defence.
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