Who was the First Nizam of Hyderabad

(A) Asaf Jah
(B) Saadat Ali Khan I
(C) Murshid Quli Khan
(D) Salabat Jung

Correct Answer : Asaf Jah
Explanation : Asaf Jah was the first Nizam of Hyderabad. He ruled in place of the Mughal emperors. When Aurangzeb died, the Nizams left the Mughals to make an independent kingdom. The Asaf Jah dynasty had only seven rulers. After 13 years the rule of the first Nizam including his three of his sons (Nasir Jung, Muzafar Jung and Salabath Jung) ruled they were not officially recognized as the rulers. When the British controlled over India, the Nizams were permitted to continue to rule for the British. The Nizams had power in Hyderabad State till 1948. Later Hyderabad became part of the new Indian Union.
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