Who among the following organized the famous Chattagaon armoury raid?

(A) Laxmi Sehgal
(B) Surya Sen
(C) Batukeshwar Datta
(D) J .M. Sengupta

Correct Answer : Surya Sen
Question Asked : IAS (Pre) 2001
Explanation : Chattagaon armoury raid was an attempt to raid the armoury of the police and auxiliary forces at Chattagaon in Bengal. It was organised by Surya Sen who was also famous by the name of “Master Da” The Indian Republican Army (IRA) was established by Surya Sen in Bengal and on 18th April, 1930, the plan was put into implementation by the members of IRA namely Ganesh Ghosh, Lokenath, Ninnal Sen, Ambika Chakrobarty, Naresh Roy, Kalpana Dutt, Anand Gupta, Tegrabal etc. including Surya Sen. Struggle took place on 22nd May, 1930 between members of Government forces and members of IRA in which 80 soldiers and 12 revolutionaries were killed. On 16 February, 1933, Surya Sen was arrested and put to legal proceedings and ultimately hanged on 12th January, 1934.
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Web Title : who among the following organized the famous chattagaon armoury raid
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