When did India cross China Population?

(A) 2015
(B) 2017
(C) 2019
(D) Has not crossed

Correct Answer : Has not crossed
Question Asked : MPPCS (Pre) 1996
Explanation : India has not crossed the population of China right now. But according to the UN report, India will cross the population of China in 2027. India is projected to surpass China to become the world's most populous country in the next eight years or around 2027. In 2050, India will be home of 1.5 billion people while China's population will be reduced to 1.1 billion. India's population will continue to grow an reach its peak of 1.65 billion by 2059 and only then it will start going downward. India is expected to add nearly 273 million people between 2019 and 2050 and remain the most populated country until the end of the current century.

The report says that the world's total population in 2019 is 7.7 billion, while China, with 1.43 billion people in 2019, and India, with 1.37 billion, have long been the two most populous countries of the world, comprising 19% and 18%, respectively, of the global total. It would be worth recalling that the previous UN projections had estimated that India will surpass China as the world's most populous country as early as 2022. The 2017 world population report, released by the UN two years ago, had estimated that the population of India will surpass that of China's by around 2024.
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