When Aurangzeb got the victory of Bijapur?

(A) 1685
(B) 1686
(C) 1987
(D) 1684

Correct Answer : 1686
Question Asked : UPPCS (Pre) 1992
Explanation : Before the war of succession, Aurangzeb had signed a treaty with Bijapur by orders of Shah Jahan, according to which Bijapur had agreed to pay 1.5 crores of rupees and cede Bidar, Kalyani and Purandar, besides all the forts in the Nizam Shahi Konkan but Bijapur did not follow the terms and conditions of the treaty. Mirza Raja Jai Singh was appointed to lead a 44,000 strong army against Shivaji to invade Bijapur. After ravaging the Maratha king Shivaji’s region and capturing the fort of Purandar, he forced Shivaji to sign the Treaty of Purandar. Raja Jai Singh died in Burhanpur on 28 August, 1667 under mysterious circumstances. After the death of Raja Jai Singh, Aurangzeb appointed Mughal governor Diler Khan in 1676. Diler Khan compelled Sultan Adi1 Shah to surrender before Aurangzeb and Bijapur was annexed by Mughals in 1686 finally.
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