What was the cause of outbreak of Ghadar Revolution

(A) Arresting of Lala Hardyal
(B) Kamagatamaru incident
(C) Beginning of first World War
(D) Hanging of Kartar Singh Sarabha

Correct Answer : Beginning of first World War
Question Asked : 39th BPSC (Pre) 1994
Explanation : After the decline of Swadeshi movement torchbearers of Nationalism also became inactive. In 1914, when sudden pt World War broke out, this incident was taken as advantage by the Indian Nationalist. During that time, the concept was famous that “Any distress on England is an advantage for Indians and it should be taken as a chance.” In North America Ghadar revolutionaries and in India, Lokmanya Tilak, Annie Besant with their Swadeshi organizations took advantage of such opportunity. Ghadar revolutionaries through the armed struggle tried to overthrow the British rule.
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