What is the difference between Buddhism and Jainism?

There are many differences between Buddhism and Jainism. Lord Buddha had established Buddhism and Jainism was created by Lord Mahavir. By knowing many aspects of both religions, you will understand the difference between them.

It is post Brahminical religious system. Practically nothing is known about its founder.
Mahavir was the last of the Jain teachers who are designated as Tirthankaras. The main religious tenets of Jainism are–
1. Non-violence,
2. rejection of the authority of Vedas,
3. belief in the immortality of the soul,
4. everything–trees, plants and even matter–has life and is capable of being injured,
5. the highest aim of life is the attainment of Nirvana. Unlike, Buddhism, Jainism remained confined within the borders of India.

Three jewels of Jainism or Tri-ratnas are–
1. Right intention,
2. Right knowledge and
3. Right conduct.

Two broad divisions of Jainism–
1. Shwetambar
2. Digambar.
Birthplace of Mahavir–Vaishali in the district of Muzaffarpur.

Buddhism was founded by a Kshatriya Prince, Siddhartha who was born in 563 B. C.
at Lumbini village in the Nepalese Terai. Siddhartha, who later came to be known as the Buddha, was the son of Shuddhodan, the king of Kapilvastu. Buddhism rejected, like Jainism, the authority of Vedas but believed in the transmigration of the soul. Non-violence is its sheet anchor. It advocates the pursuit of the middle path in life. Nirvana could be attained by reducing the number of wants.

Four Noble Truths of Buddhism :
1. Existence is suffering;
2. Suffering is born of desire and desires unfulfilled leads to rebirth;
3. When desire ceases rebirth ceases and that is the highest good;
4. Cessation of desire is attained by purity in deed, word and thought.

The Eightfold Path in Buddhism–Which leads to wisdom, calmness, knowledge, enlightenment and release, (1) Right belief, (2) Right thought, (3) Right speech, (4) Right
action, (5) Right means of livelihood, (6) Right execution, (7) Right remembrance, (8) Right meditation.

Two broad divisions of Buddhism–
1. Mahayana and

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