Vande Mataram became the theme song of the Indian National Movement during

(A) Swadeshi Movement
(B) Champaran Movement
(C) Anti-movement of Rowlett Act.
(D) Non-cooperation movement.

Correct Answer : Swadeshi Movement
Question Asked : UPPSC (GIC) 2010, Uttarakhand PCS (Mains) 2006, UPPCS (Mains) 2002, (Pre) 2005
Explanation : During Swadeshi Movement, the actual day of partition, October 16, 1905, was declared a day of mourning throughout Bengal and the hearths in the houses were kept unlit. People tied rakhis on each other wrists as a symbol of brotherhood. In Calcutta, most of the offices were kept closed, and a strike was observed in some jute mills and railway workshops. The streets were reverberated with Vande Mataram which became the overnight National Song of Bengal and later, the theme Song of the National Movement.
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Web Title : vande mataram became the theme song of the indian national movement during
Tags : Modern History of India, Partition of Bengal (1905) and the Indigenous Movement
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