The Social System of the Harappans was

(A) Fairly egalitarian
(B) Slave-Labour based
(C) Colour Varna based
(D) Caste based

Correct Answer : Fairly egalitarian
Question Asked : SSC CGL 1999
Explanation : The Social System of Harappan was fairly egalitarian (equality and equal rights) (ii) No signs of slave tradition or Varna system have been found. Tell you that with the many previous examinations this question of Indian History has been asked in the recent SSC CGL Exam 1999. The Important topics on Indus Valley Civilization of Ancient History many questions have often been asked in competitive examinations. Indian history questions, ancient history questions, Indus Valley Civilization questions related to the questions given in the Indian history general knowledge questions and answers series. You can also give us more explanation of Indian History GK questions through the comments box provided below.
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