The famous diamond ‘Kohinoor’ was presented to Shahjahan by

(A) Aurangzeb
(B) Murad
(C) Mir Jumla
(D) Abul Hasan Qutb Shah

Correct Answer : Mir Jumla
Question Asked : UPPCS (Mains) 2015
Explanation : The Kohinoor Diamond, one of the famous diamonds in the world, was discovered in the mines of Golconda. Mir Jumla was a minister of Sultan of Golconda, Abdullah Qutub Shah (1626-1672) who became angry with Mir Jumla for accepting the Mansab of King Shah Jahan and seized all his property. Later, Shah Jahan sent Aurangzeb to attack Golconda, and the matter was resolved, and the treaty was signed between them. Later, Mir Jurnla was called back to Agra and given the title of “Muazzam Khan.” Around 1656, Mir Jumla, the Persian noble and a reputed diamond dealer, visited the court of Shah Jahan and presented the Kohinoor diamond to the Mughal emperor.
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