‘Ring Fence’ policy is associated with

(A) Henry Lawrence
(B) Dalhousie
(C) Warren Hastings
(D) Lord Clive

Correct Answer : Warren Hastings
Question Asked : Jharkhand PCS (Pre) 2013
Explanation : The policy of ‘Security Cell” is related to Warren Hastings and Wellesley. Warren Hastings fought with Mysore and Marathas to achieve status equivalent to other Indian states. During this time the company tried to form buffer state (also known as Ring Fence) with an aim to protect its state from Afghans and Marathas. Thus, they agreed to protect Awadh on the condition that the Nawab of Awadh will bear the expenses. The main aim of Wellesley was to enforce Indian states to rely on his army power. The British policies towards Indian states were : 1. Company’s struggle for equality from Indian estates. (1740-1765 AD) 2. ‘Security cell’ or the policy of siege. (1765-1813 AD) 3. Subordinate separation policy. (1813-1857 AD) 4. Subordinate union policy. (1858-1935 AD) 5. The policy of equal union. (1935-1947 AD)
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