Ranjeet Singh got famous Kohinoor diamond from

(A) Shah Suza
(B) Zaman Shah
(C) Dost Mohammad
(D) SherAli

Correct Answer : Shah Suza
Question Asked : 41st BPSC (Pre) 1996
Explanation : Punjab was part of Ahmad Shah Abdali’s territory, but in 1773 after his death, most of the area of his empire was occupied by Sikh misls leaving Multan, Kashmir and some other smaller regions. Ranjit Singh got the opportunity to consolidate his empire as Afghans were engaged in intemal fights. In 1800 AD, Shah Shuja (grand son of Ahmad Shah Abdali) sat on the throne of Kabul but Shah Mahmud (brother of Shah Shuja) along with powerful Barekzay chieftain Fateh Singh and Dost Muhammad dethroned him and occupied Kashmir and Peshawar. On that occassion, Shah Shuja asked Ranjeet Singh for help and presented him Kohinoor.
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