1000+ Important General Knowledge One Liner for SSC/IBPS/SBI/RRB

One Liner General Knowledge Questions Answers: Friends, We are going to tell you 100 One Liner General Knowledge Questions and answers of common knowledge which are repeated in every competitive exam. So you read them thoroughly and remember that if any of these questions come in an exam, then there should not be any wrong in any condition. If this post is a bit longer then you would suggest that you save this post in your book and whenever you get the time, read it thoroughly because these questions are very important.

Most Important One Liner GK Questions Answers

Indian Polity and Constitution
* The first day session of the Constituent Assembly of India was chaired by – Dr. Sachchidanand Sinha
* Where have the words ‘we the People of India’ been used in the Constitution of India? – Preamble to the Constitution
* Which Schedule of the Indian Constitution deals with the Anti-defection law? – Tenth Schedule
* Which article of the Indian Constitution deals with the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court? – Article 131
* Although the chairman and members of a State Public Service Commission are appointed by the Governor, they can be removed from their post only by – The President of India
* The Lok Sabha Speaker addresses and submits his resignation to – Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha
* What is the maximum duration between two sessions of Indian Parliament? – Six months
* How many minimum members are required to bring the ‘No Confidence Motion’ against the Council of Ministers in the Lok Sabha? – 50 members
* The power to extend or restrict the jurisdiction of the High Court rests with – The Parliament
* Which kind of Panchayati Raj System was recommended by the Balwant Rai Mehta committee? – Three-tier system

Indian National Movement
* Who asked the British to leave India in God’s hands or in modern parlance to anarchy during the second world war? – Mahatma Gandhi
* When did Mahatma Gandhi and Lord Irwin sign the Gandhi- Irwin Pact? – March 5, 1931
* ‘Doctrine of Passive Resistance’, a series of seven articles for the national cause, was written by – Sri Aurobindo
* Which Indian leader was popularly known as ‘ Andhra Kesari’? – T. Prakasam
* The two great leaders who launched (separately) the Home Rule Movement in India in 1915- 16 were – Annie Besant and B.G. Tilak
* The famous INA trials took place at the Red Fort, Delhi in – 1945
* Mahatma Gandhi started his historic Dandi March on – March 12, 1930
* The first split in the INC ocurred in 1907 at the – Surat Session
* Who was the Governor-General of India when the Cripps Mission came to India? – Lord Linlithgow
* Mahatma Gandhi was elected the President of the Indian National Congress only for – Once

History and Culture of India
* The treaty of Aix-La-Chapelle (1748) ended the – First Anglo-French war in India
* Who was the Mughal ruler in Delhi when Nadir Shah invaded India in 1738-39? – Muhammad Shah
* Kautilya’s Arthaskaster divided into – 15 Adhikaranas or sections
* Which Mughal Emperor was a contemporary of Queen Eliza- beth I of England? –Akbar
* Mir Qasim shifted his capital from Murshidabad to –Munger
* Who was the Maratha Peshwa when the third battle of Panipat was fought between the Maratha and the Afghan forces? –Peshwa Balaji Baji Rao
* Who was popularly known as ‘Hazardinari’ in the Delhi Sultanate? – Malik Kafur
* The Battle of Haldighati (1576) was fought between – Rana Pratap of Mewar forces and Mughal emperor Akbar’s army

Economic Affairs of India
* The largest source of ‘National Income’ in India is – Service sector
* Who became the first woman President of Nasscom? – Debjani Ghosh
* ‘Income Tax in India’ was introduced by – James Wilson
* Which sector contributes the highest share in ‘Gross Domestic Savings’? –Domestic sector
* An instrument of qualitative credit control is – Credit rationing
* Scheduled Bank is that bank which is – Included in the second schedule of RBI
* The ‘UDAY Yojana’ of the central government is associated with – Energy sector
* What is ‘Stagflation’? – Inflation with depreciation

Geography (India and the World)
* The Atacama and the Pantagonia deserts are located in – The Latin America Continent
* Fossils and layers are not found ill – Igneous rocks
* Which European nation is called the ‘Land of Thousand Lakes’ ? – Finland
* Which country is generally referred to as the ‘Sugar Bowl of the World’? – Cuba
* ‘Maginot Line’ is an international boundary line between – France and Germany
* Lines joining places with same magnetic declination are called – Isogonals
* Which Indian state is surrounded by Bangladesh on three sides? – Tripura
* The Brahmaputra a river in the Himalayas presents an example of – Antecedent drainage
* The headquarters of North-Eastern Railway is located in – Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh)
* ‘Surma Valley’ is located in – Assam

Science &Technology
* Energy is a scalar quantity and its SI unit is – Joule
* Which scientist discovered ‘Long Radio Waves’? – Marconi
* ‘Sparkling of diamond’ and ‘shining of the air bubble in water’ are examples of – Total internal reflection
* The metal present in Vitamin B12 is – Cobalt
* Sugar in blood and urine is tested with – Benedicts solution
* Which chemical is used in artificial rain? – Silver iodide
* The image formed by an astronomical telescope is – Real and diminished
* The deposition of uric acid in the joints causes – Arthritis
* Which polymer is used in making ‘bulletproof glass’? – Lexan
* Study of teeth and gum is called – Odontology

* The cultivation of wheat and mustard simultaneously together in rows, is called – Intercropping
* ‘National Academy of Agricultural Research and Management’ (NAARM) is located at – Hyderabad
* National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources is located in – New Delhi
* ‘Heart rot’ disease in sugarbeet is caused due to deficiency of – Boron
* ‘Pusa Anmol’, ‘Pusa Bhairav’ and ‘Pusa Hybrid-5’ are varieties of – Brinjal
* What is the scientific name of ‘Jowar’ – Sorghum Vulgare
* The upper stem of banana is called – Pseudo-stem
* ‘Musa paradisiaca’ is the botanical name of – Banana
* The ‘smut disease’ in pearl millet, wheat and barley is a – Seed borne disease
* ‘CS-S2’ and ‘CS-S4’ are salt tolerant varieties of – Indian mustard

Environment Biodiversity, Climate Chang etc.
* Which film was adjudged the Best Film on Environmental
conservation in the 6Sth National Film Awards? – Irada (A Hindi film)
* World Environment Day is observed on – June 5
* World Oceans Day is celebrated on – June 8
* ‘Gir National Park’ is located in – Junagarh, Gujarat
* ‘Ecomarc’ is a symbol related to – Goods safe for the environment
* What is ‘Green Banking’? – Bank financing on pro-environment projects
* Major biodiversity hotspots in India are located in – the Western Ghats and Eastern Himalayas
* Who is the author of the book ‘Desert Solitaire’? – Edward Abbey
* ‘Resource ecology’ is also known as – Conservation ecology
* ‘Sea-Biotic Resources and Ecology Centre is located at – Cochin

* Communication which takes place between or among superiors and subordinates is called – Horizontal Communication
* ‘Metacommunication’ relates to – Non-verbal cues
* Downward and upward flows of information are both instances of – Vertical communication
* Essential components of the communication process are – Source, channel, target and medium
* Anything which is used as a status symbol is – Object communication
* ‘Body language’ and ‘Facial expression’ are examples of – Non-verbal Communication
* At the initial stage, a presentation is a form of – One-way communication
* In circular communication, the encoder becomes a decoder when there is –Feedback
* Break-down in verbal communication is referred to as – Entropy
* Who coined the term ‘Cybernetics’? – Norbert Wiener

Education and Child Psychology
* Individual differences in the capacity of working memory appear to have important consequences for children’s ability to acquire – knowledge and new skills
* Three merits of proficiency test are – Approval, reliability and subjectivity
* Kindergarten method of teaching was developed by –Froebel
* When a child responds to all women who wear black suit because of the black suit of her
mother, it is the example of – Generalisation
* Philip Jackson’s analysis of teaching divides teaching into – Three Phases
* Bright students can be motivated well by – Raising their aspiration level and goals of life
* Smallest unit of meaning in a language is – morpheme
* The Stage in which the “Self Initiative Skill” of a child develops when it is let free –2-3 years
* Long term memory is through – Learning by multisensory organs
* “Child should be treated as a child” was said by – Wechsler

Sports and Games
* The 21st Commonwealth Games were successfully organized in April 2018 in – Gold Coast, Australia
* Which country emerged the overall champion of the 21st Commonwealth Games, topping the medal tally? – Australia
* India secured third position in the 2018 Commonwealth Games by winning total – 66 medals (26 gold, 20 silver and 20 bronze medals)
* What was the name of the mascot of 21st Commonwealth Games? – Borobi
* Who was honoured with the David Dixon Trophy for the best sporting performance in the Commonwealth Games, this year? – David Liti of New Zealand
* The 22nd Commonwealth Games will be organised in 2022 in – Birmingham (England)
* Which team emerged winner of the Inaugural Super Cup Football title in April 2018? – Bengaluru FC
* Who is the winner of the US Masters Golf Title-2018? – Patrick Reed of America
* ‘Jitu Rai’, ‘Heena Sidhu’, ‘Tejaswini Sawant’ are famous Indian sportspersons of – Shooting
* How many players are there in a ‘Basketball team’? – Five

* Who is the author of the book- ‘Divine Comedy’? – Dante
* Who is generally referred to as ‘Grandfather of Indian Films’? – Dhundiraj Govind Phalke
* ‘Rakhal’, ‘Nat Rash’, ‘Maha Rash’ and ‘Raukhat’ are famous folk dances of – Manipur
* The’ captain’ in the Indian navy is equal to the rank of – ‘Colonel’ in the Indian Army
* ‘World Day of Social Justice’ is observed on – February 20
* Where is the headquarters of International Civil Aviation
Organisation (ICAO) located? – Montreal (Canada)
* An official report of the British government is called – BlueBook
* ‘Reuters’ is the news agency of – The United Kingdom
* Who was honoured with the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke Award, the top honour of Indian Cinema, this year? – Vinod Khanna (Posthumously)
* Which film was adjudged the ‘Best Film’ in the 65th National Film Awards? – ‘Village Rockstars’ (an Assamese film)

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