One criticism of Rostow’s theory of economic growth is that :

(A) Much available data contradicts his thesis about the take off stage
(B) There is no explanation of why growth occurs after take-off
(C) His hypothesis of stages of growth is difficult to test empirically
(D) All of the above are correct

Correct Answer : All of the above are
Question Asked : OPSC OCS Pre. Exam 2018
Rostow’s Theory of Economic Growth postulates that economic growth occurs in five basic stages: Traditional society; Transitional society; Take-off; Drive to technological maturity and High mass consumption. This theory is subjected to following criticism : 1. Traditional society is not a pre-requisite qualification for development. 2. The precondition phase is not necessary before the take-off. 3. The stages of economic growth mentioned by Rostow are not mutually exclusive and they may overlap each other. 4. The empirical coverage of Rostow’s analysis is narrow and inadequate. 5. There are in discrepancies about the take-off dates suggested by Rostow.
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