Navdatoli was Excavated by

(A) K. D.Bajpai
(B) V. S. Wakankar
(C) H. D. Sankalia
(D) Mortimer Wheeler

Correct Answer : H.D. Sankalia
Question Asked : UP Lower Spl (Pre) 2008
Explanation : Navdatoli has revealed excellent evidence of both round and rectangular residential structures which are located near Indore. The former measure about 3m in diameter and the latter 2m x 2.2m. The roofs were probably made of hay, branches and leaves and were supported on massive wooden posts, 22cm in diameter, raised at regular intervals around the huts. The open spaces between the posts were provided with mud-plastered bamboo screens. The house floors were made up of silt clay and river gravel, with the surface coated with lime. The huts were provided with one or two-mouthed 'chulhas' as well as storage jars and other earthen vessels. This site was excavated by Mr. H.D. Sankalia, Professor Deccan College, Pune. This site was the most extensive excavated rural Chalco lithic site of Indian sub-continent, which is determined to be between 1600 B.C. to 1300 B.C.
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