Mughal painting reached its zenith under

(A) Humayun
(B) Akbar
(C) Jahangir
(D) Shah Jahan

Correct Answer : Jahangir
Question Asked : IAS (Pre) 1996
Explanation : The Mughal painting reached its zenith under the reign of Jahangir. Earlier, the paintings were concerned with the contents of manuscripts, but Jahangir freed it from this bondage. Farrukh Beg, Daulat Mansoor, Abul Hasan, etc. were such painter who had inscribed their name in a golden word in the history of Mughal painting with their talent. Ustad Mansoor and Abul Hassan was an excellent painter of Jahangir’s reign. Emperor Jahangir bestowed both Nadir-ul-Asra (Ustad Mansoor) and Nadir-ul-Zaman (Abul Hassan). Ustad Mansoor was specialized in depicting plants and animal while Abul Hassan was a portrait artist.
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