“Man is born free but is everywhere in chains”

(A) Voltaire
(B) Jack Dareda
(C) Jean Jack Rousseau
(D) Montesquieu

Correct Answer : Jean Jack Rousseau
Question Asked : SSC Section Officer (Audit) Exam 2003
Explanation: Rousseau’s most important work is The Social Contract, which outlines the basis for a legitimate political order within a framework of classical republicanism. Published in 1762, it became one of the most influential works of political philosophy in the Western tradition. It developed some of the ideas mentioned in earlier work, the article Economic politique (Discourse on Political Economy), featured in Diderot’s Encyclopedie. The treatise begins with the dramatic opening lines, “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains. Those who think themselves the masters of others are indeed greater slaves than they.”
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