In which systems of land settlement adopted by the English did provide more protection to the interests of farmers?

(A) Permanent Settlement of Bengal
(B) Ryotwari Settlement of Madras
(C) Zamindari Settlement of Central States
(D) Malgujari (land revenue) Settlement of United State

Correct Answer : Ryotwari Settlement of Madras
Question Asked : SSC Combined Graduate Level Prelim Exam 2002
Explanation : The Ryotwari system, instituted in some parts of British India, was one of the two main systems used to collect revenues from the cultivators of agricultural land. These revenues included undifferentiated land taxes and rents, which were collected simultaneously. Under the Ryotwari system, settlement of land revenue settlement was directly made between the government and the ryot, i.e., the cultivators or tenants. Moreover, in the ryotwari settlement the revenue was fixed for a period of thirty years, and not on a permanent basis as was in the case of the Permanent Settlement.
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