In the context of the Indian Freedom Struggle, 16th October, 1905 is well-known for which one of the following reasons?

(A) The formal proclamation of Swadeshi Movement was made in Calcutta town hall
(B) Partition of Bengal came into effect.
(C) Dadabhai Naoroji declared that the goal of Indian National Congress was Swaraj.
(D) Lokmanya Tilak started Swadeshi Movement in Poona.

Correct Answer : Partition of Bengal came into effect.
Question Asked : IAS (Pre) 2009
Explanation : On 20 July, 1905, Curzon issued an order to divide Bengal. One of the main objects of the partition of Bengal was to divide the unity among the people of Bengal. Lord Curzon divided the territories of Bengal in such a way that the western part formed the Hindu majority area and the eastern part formed the Muslim majority area. The partition of Bengal finally took place on 16th October, 1905. On 7 August, 1905, one of the first mass protests was organized in Calcutta’s Town Hall also known as Anti-partition Movement.
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Web Title : in the context of the indian freedom struggle 16th october 1905 is well known for which one of the following reasons
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