Famous Jain Scholar who was respected by Akbar?

(A) Chandraprabhu Suri
(B) Hari Vijay Suri
(C) Pushpadant
(D) Yashobhadra

Correct Answer : Hari Vijay Suri
Question Asked : UPPCS (Pre) 2012
Explanation : Hari Vijay Suri was the Jain monk who stayed for a few years in the court of Akbar and was honoured with the title of Jagadguru. In 1582, Emperor Akbar invited Hari Vijay Suri to explain the principles of Jainism. Akbar was so much influenced by the ideology of non-violence preached by Jain sage that he became vegetarian and prohibited slaughter of animals and birds. Another Jain scholar who resided in Mughal court was Chandra Suri bestowed with the title of “Yug Pradhan” by Akbar.
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