General Knowledge 2019

General Knowledge 2019: Important and Latest GK Questions Answers (General Knowledge Quiz), General Studies / General Awareness for all competitive exams like IAS, Bank PO, SSC CGL, RAS, CDS etc.

World War II Summary – Facts, Combatants, Timeline & Conclusion

World War II (1939-45) : (1) By the Treaty of Versailles which ended World War I, Germany was not only dismembered, disarmed but also humiliated and very exacting conditions were imposed upon her. (2) There was strong feeling of deep social discontentment in Germany and Italy after the War. (3) The rise of the Nationalist […]

What are the four main causes of World War One?

The four main causes of World War One is– (1) Germany has become a great industrial country and wanted to have more markets for trade. (2) Germany was jealous of the colonial and naval greatness of England. William II, Kaiser of Germany, was very ambitious and wanted to gain influence in Turkey by linking Berlin […]

What are the importance of Landmarks?

The Magna Carla was a Charter of Rights granted to the Englishmen during 1215 AD by King John II. During the reign of King John II (1167-1216) the citizens of Britain were burdened with heavy taxes. As a treacherous and cruel king he curbed the privileges of nobles and clergymen. As a result the barons, […]

What is a Time Zone? – Local Time, Standard Time & GMT

What is a Local Time Parallels of longitude determine the time at a place. Local time is 12 noon when the sun is exactly overhead. Local time varies, from Greenwich time (London) at the rate of four minutes/degree of longitude. The time of a place depends on whether it lies east or west of Greenwich. […]

List of Cups and Trophies associated with Sports and Games

List of Cups and Trophies associated with Sports and Games (National & International) – Here We are sharing the important list of all Sports and Trophies associated with these sports. Useful for Railway Group D, UPSC IAS, SSC, IBPS, SBI JA, SBI Clerk/PO, CDS, NDA, SSC, CHSL exams. International Cups and Trophies American Cup: Yacht ...

Why do we perspire before Rains?

Question : Why do we perspire before rains? Answer : Before the rain falls, the atmosphere gets saturated with water vapour, as a result, the process of evaporation of sweat is delayed. Question : Curved rail tracks or curved roads are banked or raised on one side. Why? Answer : Because a fast moving train […]

Why do we perspire on a Hot Day?

Question : Why do we perspire on a hot day? Answer : When the body temperature rises, the sweat glands are stimulated to secrete perspiration. It is nature’s way to keep the body cool. During the process of evaporation of sweat, body heat is taken away, thus, giving a sense of coolness. Question : Why […]

Why do two eyes give better vision than one?

Question : Why do two eyes give better vision than one? Answer : Because two eyes do not form exactly similar images and the fusion of these two dissimilar images in the brain gives three dimensions of the stereoscopic vision. Question : Why does water remain cold in an earthen pot? Answer : There are […]

Why does Ice Float on Water but sink in Alcohol?

Question : Why does ice float on water but sink in alcohol? Answer : Because ice is lighter than water it floats on it. However, ice is heavier than alcohol and therefore it sinks in alcohol. Question : Why does moisture gather outside a tumbler containing cold water? Answer : The water vapour in the […]

Why is Cooking Quicker in a Pressure Cooker?

Question : Why is cooking quicker in a pressure cooker? Answer : As the pressure inside the cooker increases, the boiling point of water is raised, hence, the cooking process is quicker. Question : Why does a man fall forward when he jumps out of a running train or bus? Answer : He is in […]