Current Affairs

Current Affairs Question and Answers 2019- Current Affairs based on the national and international events of the day is extremely important for keeping you updated for upcoming competitive examinations. Current Affairs and Somatic Questions are given in English medium. Through which study you can get success by answering the questions asked in exams and interviews like UPSC, State PSC, SSC, IBPS, Railway, Police.

1. Which vein brings clean blood from the lungs into the heart?

(A) Renal Vein
(B) Pulmonary Vein
(C) Vena Cava
(D) Hepatic Vein

2. Muslim adventurer who destroyed the Nalanda University was

(A) Allauddin Khilji
(B) Muhammad bin Tughlak
(C) Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar
(D) Muhammad bin Qasim

3. The Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Report (APTIR) was release by which organisations?

(C) Both A and B

4. The 5th World Coffee Conference will be held in which city?

(A) Hyderabad
(B) New Delhi
(C) Bengaluru
(D) Guwahati

5. The ash-grey soils of high-latitude coniferous forests is known as

(A) Tundra Soils
(B) Podsols
(C) Grey-Brown Soils
(D) Red and Yellow Soils

6. Which country won Basketball World Cup 2019?

(A) Spain
(B) Argentina
(C) France
(D) Croatia

7. The fuse in our domestic electric circuit melts when there is a high rise in

(A) inductance
(B) current
(C) resistance
(D) capacitance

8. Residuary Powers in the Indian Constitution have been assigned to

(A) Union Parliament only
(B) State Legislatures only
(C) Both Union Parliament and State Legislatures
(D) None of the above

9. Which state launched the Helpline ‘1100’ in September 2019 for Mukhya Mantri Seva Sankalp?

(A) Rajasthan
(B) Himachal Pradesh
(C) Punjab
(D) Haryana

10. Which writ can lie only against a person holding a public office?

(A) Habeas Corpus
(B) Mandamus
(C) Prohibition
(D) Certiorari