British general who defeated/beat Haider All in War of Porto Novo

(A) Captain Popham
(B) Sir Eyer Coote
(C) Sir Hector Munro
(D) General Goddad

Correct Answer : Sir Eyer Coote
Question Asked : Jharkhand PCS (Pre) 2003
Explanation : Prior to this war, Haider Ali made a front against British with the Marathas and Nizam. In July 1780, Haider A1i sieged Karnataka and laid the siege of Arcot by defeating British Army under Colonel Baillie. British segregated Nizam and Marathas from Haider. Haider Ali faced this complex situation firmly. Haider Ali fought with General Eyre Coote in 1781 during second Anglo-Mysore War, and British defeated Haider Ali in War of Porto novo (November, 1781).
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Web Title : british general who defeated beat haider all in war of porto novo
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