Akbar merged Bengal and Bihar in his empire

(A) 1590 AD.
(B) 1575 AD.
(C) 1576 AD.
(D) 1572 AD.

Correct Answer : 1576 AD.
Question Asked : 48th to 52nd BPSC (Pre) 2008
Explanation : Daud Khan succeeded his father Suleman Kararani in 1572 after his death. Daud Khan invaded Patna Mughal fort after declaring himself an independent ruler. Akbar ordered Munim Khan to suppress this revolt and occupy Bihar. Munim Khan defeated Daud Khan in a battle and annexed Bihar in 1574. Daud fled away to Bengal after his defeat. On 12 March, 1576 Todarmal, Muzaffar Khan and Hussain Quli Khan jointly defeated Daud. Thus, Akbar merged Bengal and Bihar in his empire in 1576.
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