100+ Agricultural Engineering Objective MCQ Questions and Answers

A comprehensive and updated Agricultural Engineering question bank of multiple choice objective practice questions and answers on Plant Pathology for Competitive Exams like General Agriculture for ICAR and other JRF, SRF, ARS, Ph.D., M.Sc., IBPS, AFO, AO, IFS, NABARD and Tests.

1. An adiabatic process takes place at–
(A) Constant heat (B) Constant enthalpy✓
(C) Constant temperature (D) Constant pressure

2. Heavy draft of a disc plough is due to–
(A) Blunt disc  (B) Furrows too wide✓
(C) Loose beatings (D) None of the above

3. Thermal efficiency of a tractor is in proportion to specific fuel consumption.
(A) Direct (B) Inverse✓
(C) Unaffected (D) None of the above

4. Normal consumption of fuel in Iitres/ hour by a 35 hp tractor is–
(A) 2.5 (B) 3.0✓
(C) 3.5 (D) 4.0

5. Traction of wheel can be improved by–
(A) Using high hitch point
(B) Ballasting rear wheels
(C) Using high hitch point as well as ballasting rear wheels✓
(D) None of the above

6. The cold spark plug is used on–
(A) Heavy engines✓ (B) Small engines
(C) IC engines (D) All of the above

7. Which of the following is a transmission dynamometer?
(A) Torsion dynamometer (B) Froude’s hydraulic dynamometer
(C) Belt dynamometer✓ (D) Prony brake dynamometer

8. The basic function of a governor in an engine is to regulate–
(A) Engine speed✓ (B) Fuel consumption
(C) Power developed (D) None of the above

9. Moving C. G. of a tractor towards its front wheel creates- a problem of–
(A) instability (B) steering✓
(C) overturning (D) None of the above

10. The power developed by an average pair of bullocks varies from–
(A) Constant pressure (B) Constant volume✓
(C) Constant temperature (D) Adiabatically

11. The lateral stability of a four-wheel tractor in a turning situation can be increased by–
(A) Increasing the radius of turn✓
(B) Increasing the height of the centre of gravity
(C) Attaching a front end loader
(D) Increasing the total weight of the tractor

12. Type of threshing drum in paddy thresher is–
(A) Peg type✓ (B) Rasp bar type
(C) Hammer mill type (D) None of the above

13. A tractor seat suspension should have its natural frequency in the range of–
(A) 0.5 to 2.0 cycles/s✓ (B) 2.0 to 4.0 cycles/s
(C) 4.0 to 6.0 cycles/s (D) None of the above

14. Moving the centre of gravity of a tractor towards its front wheel creates the problem of–
(A) Instability (B) Steering✓
(C) Overturning (D) None of the above

15. What refers to the surface roughness of the tool?
(A) Micro shape✓ (B) Edge shape
(C) Macro shape (D) Gross shape

16. Turning space and turning circle of the trader test must be preferred at a tractor speed of–
(A) 2 km/hr (B) not exceeding 2 km/hr✓
(C) exceeding 2km/hr (D) at any speed

17. movement of soil across a tool surface without sticking is called as–
(A) Pulverisation (B) Inversion
(C) Scouring✓ (D) Turning

18. Compression pressure in diesel engine cylinder is–
(A) 6 – 10 kg/cm2 (B) 10 – 20 kg/ cm 2
(C) 35 – 45 kg/cm2✓ (D) None of the above

19. Penetration of disc plough can be improved by–
(A) Increasing disc angle (B) Decreasing tilt angle✓
(C) Both (A) and (B) (D) None of the above

20. Plough generally used for breaking impervious layer just below ploughing layers with help of the number of tynes is call0ed–
(A) Subsoiler (B) Chisel plough✓
(C) Disc plough (D) Indigenous plough

21. V-shaped sweeps are best suited for–
(A) Primary Tillage (B) Stubble mulch tillage✓
(C). Rotary tillage (D) Minimum tillage

22. Free seed carried over the straw discharge from the rear of shoe is called–
(A) Cylinder loss (B) Walker loss
(C) Shoe loss✓ (D) Gathering loss

23. Gears generally used in the transmission box are–
(A) Spur gear only (B) Helical gear only
(C) Helical and spur gears✓ (D) Bevel gear

24. The power required to operate a country plough at a speed of 3 km/hr with 90 kg pull 30 0 angle from the horizontal is–
(A) 1.5 hp (B) 1 hp
(C) 0.5 hp (D) 0.75 hp✓

25. In combines straw racks generally oscillate at strokes I min–
(A) 100 – 200 (B) 200 – 300✓
(C) 300 – 350 (D) 350 – 400

26. The depth of penetration of a disc harrow is increased by–
(A) Tilt angle (B) Disc angle
(C) Gang angle✓ (D) All of the above

27. The plough used for maximum moisture conservation is–
(A) MB plough (B) Cultivator
(C) Chisel plough✓ (D) Disc harrow

28. Which stage represents optimum conditions for tillage ?
(A) Sticky (B) Plastic
(C) Friable (Crumbly)✓ (D) Hard (Cemented)

29. Material used for manufacturing of power chaff cutter blade is–
(A) Soft Centre iron (B) High carbon steer✓
(C) Mild steel (D) Cast iron

30. The size of MB plough is expressed in terms of its–
(A) Width of cut✓ (B) Depth of cut
(C) Length of share (D) None of the above

31. Per hectare application rate of a UL V sprayer is–
(A) upto 5 litres✓ (B) 5 -100 litres
(C) 400 Iitres (D) None of the above

32. The smallest size of economical gobar gas plant is–
(A) 30 cu. ft. (B) 70 cu. ft. ✓
(C) 120 cu. ft. (D) J50 cu. ft.

33. Pressure due to radiator cap–
(A) Raises boiling temperature✓ (B) Reduces boiling temperature
(C) Cools the water (D) None of the above

34. Proving ring is used to measure–
(A) Force (B) Displacement✓
(C) Acceleration (D) Velocity

35. A reciprocating type mower is fitted with–
(A) a rotary blade✓ (B) fixed knives
(C) a reciprocating cutter bar (D) free swinging knives

36. The lowest temperature at which the fuel ceases to flow is known as–
(A) Pour point✓ (B) Flash point
(C) Cloud point (D) None of the above

37. In mould board plough, Soft Centred stell is used for making of–
(A) Share (B) Mould Board✓
(C) Land Side (D) Frog

38. Fly wheel type Chaff Cutters used–
(A) Spur gear (B) Bevel gear
(C) Worm gear✓ (D) Spiral gear

39. The cutter bar of a tractor operated onower makes strokes/min–
(A) 400 – 500 (B) 500 – 750
(C) 800 -1200✓ (D) 1250 – 1500

40. Traction and transmission co-efficient is maximum for–
(A) Two – wheel drive tractor (B) Four – wheel drive tractor
(C) Track type tractor✓ (D) None of the above

41. Horizontal plate seed metering device is used in–
(A) Seed drill (B) Planter✓
(C) Seed-Cum-Fertilizer drill (D) Transplanter

42. Main combustible constituent of biogas is–
(A) Methane✓ (B) Ethane
(C) Butane (D) Carbon dioxide

43. Working life of a tractor drawn cultivator is usually–
(A) 10000 hrs. (B) 7500 hrs.
(C) 5000 hrs.  (D) 2500 hrs.✓

44. The anti – knock the quality of petrol fuels is given by–
(A) Octane number✓ (B) Cetane number
(C) SAE number (D) Butane number

45. Ballasting is done when the wheel slippage exceeds under normal working conditions–
(A) 10 % (B) 18 %✓
(B) 30 % (D) None of the above

46. Puddling is done to–
(A) Reduce percolation of water✓ (B) Kill weeds
(C) Pulverise soil (D) Level the field

47. Which is not a measure of Central Tendency?
(A) Mean (B) Mode
(C) Median (D) Standard deviation✓

48. The most used and least efficient power outlet of a tractor is–
(A) PTO shaft in the front (B) PTO shaft in the rear
(C) Drawbar in the rear✓ (D) None of the above

49. Specific fuel consumption of diesel engine is–
(A) Less than in petrol engine✓ (B) More than in petrol engine
(C) Same as of petrol engine (D) Incomparable with petrol engine

50. The operation of surface finishing of the engine cylinder is called–
(A) Scavenging (B) Scuffing
(C) Honing✓ (D) Reboring

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