The following list of largest dams in the world–

The Grande Dixence, The World's Highest Gravity Dam

1. Nurek Dam, Country-Tajikistan, Year-1980, Height-304 m (997 ft)
2. Oroville Dam, Country-United States, Year-1968, Height-230 m
3. San Roque Dam, Country-Philippines, Year-2003, Height-200/210 m
4. W. A. C. Bennett Dam (Williston Lake), Country-Canada, Year-1968, Height-186 m
5. Atatürk Dam, Country-Turkey, Year-1990Height-166 m
6. Tarbela Dam, Country-Pakistan, Year-1976, Height-143 m
7. Mangla Dam, Country-Pakistan, Year-1967, Height-138 m
8. Aswan Dam, Country-Egypt, Year-1970, Height-111 m
9. San Luis Dam (B F Sisk Dam), Country-United States, Year-1967, Height-93 m
10. Syncrude Tailings Dam Mildred MLSB, Country-Canada, Year-1995, Height-88 m
11. Cochiti Dam, Country-United States, Year-1975, Height-76.5 m
12. Fort Peck Dam, Country-United States, Year-1940, Height-76.4 m
13. Oahe Dam, Country-United States, Year-1963, Height-75 m
14. Gardiner Dam, Country-Canada, Year-1967, Height-64 m
15. Garrison Dam (Lake Sakakawea), Country-United States, Year-1954, Height-64 m
16. Samara Dam (Kuybyshev Reservoir), Country-Russia, Year-1955, Height-52 m
17. Fort Randall Dam (Lake Francis Case), Country-United States, Year-1953, Height-50.3 m
18. Syncrude Tailings Dam Mildred SWSS, Country-Canada, Year-2010, Height-40-50 m
19. ASARCO Mission Mine Tailings Dam, Country-United States, Year-1973, Height-30 m
20. Flevoland Dyke, Country-Netherlands, Year-1968, Height-13 m