Bookmark : A browser feature that places selected URLs in a file for quick access, allowing you to automatically return to the website by clicking on the site's name.

Domain Name : The portion of an Internet address that identifies the host and indicates the type of organization.

Extranet :
Similar to an internet, but extending the network to select people outside the organization.

Homepage :
The primary website for an organization or individual; the first hypertext document displayed on a website.

Internet :
A world wide collection of interconnected networks that enables users to share information electronically and provides digital access to a wide variety of services.

Internet Service Provider (lSP) :
A company that provides access to the Internet, usually for a monthly fee, via telephone lines or cable; ISPs can be local companies or specialists such as America Online.

Internet Telephony :
Using the Internet to converse vocally.

Intranet :
A private network, set up within a corporation or organization, that operates over the internet and may be used to link geographically remote sites.

Multimedia :
The combination of two or more of the following elements : graphics, text, sound, video, or computer programs.

Pagers :
Small radio receivers that signal users to call someone

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) :
Handheld computer that store and organize contract information, calendars, task lists, and other organizational and travel information.

Telecommute :
To work from home and communicate with company's main office via computer and communication devices.

Telnet :
A way to access someone else's computer (the host computer) and to use it as if it were right at your desk.

Uniform Resource Locator (URL) :
Web address that gives the exact location of an Internet resource.

Upload :
To send a file from your computer to a server or host system.

Usenet Newsgroups :
One or more discussion groups on the Internet where people with similar interests can post articles and reply to messages.

Viruses :
From the computer sabotage embedded in software or passed from one computer to the next that change or delete computer files or programs.

Voice Mail :
A computerized telephone message recording system; an e-mail system that supports audio.

Webpages :
Related files containing multimedia data that are made available on a website.

Website :
A related collection of files on the World Wide Web and accessing Internet resources such as text, graphics, sound, and other multimedia resources.

Worms :
Form of computer sabotage sent by e-mail that reproduce, taking up network space and snarling connections.