Staff Selection Commission (SSC) Combined Graduate Level CGL (Tier-I) Exam 2016 | Held on 2 September, 2016
General Awareness Fully Solved Paper

1. Which of the following is known as the Manchester of South India?
(a) Kochi (b) Vishakapatnam (c) Coimbatore (d) Bengaluru (Ans : c)

2. Who was the flag bearer of India at Rio Olympics 2016?
(a) PV Sindhu (b) Jwala Gutta (c) Yogeshwar Dutt (d) Abhinav Bindra (Ans : d)

3. Which of the following is the first cricketer to score 1000 runs in an innings?
(a) Sachin Tendulkar (b) Vinod Kamble (c) Pranav Dhanawade (d) Virat Kohli (Ans : c)

4. Which of the following is the largest irrigation plant in India?
(a) Buckingham Canal (b) Indira Gandhi Canal (c) Upper Ganges Canal (d) Tajewala Canal (Ans : b)

5. The soil of Kerala is rich in which of the following soils?
(a) Alluvial soil (b) Laterite soil (c) Sandy soil (d) Loamy soil (Ans : b)

6. Which of the process is known as nitrification?
(a) Reaction of nitrogen monoxide with oxygen to form nitric acid
(b) Reaction of nitrogen dioxide with water to form nitric acid
(c) Conversion of ammonia to nitrites (d) Conversion of nitrite to nitric oxide (Ans : c)

7. Asbestos is found maximum in which of the following countries?
(a) Australia (b) Canada (c) Africa (d) Russia (Ans : d)

8. Which country announces the imposition of a three-month State emergency after failed coup?
(a) Turkey (b) Syria (c) Sudan (d) Iran (Ans : a)

9. Beighton Cup is related to which of the following sports?
(a) Football (b) Hockey (c) Badminton (d) Cricket (Ans : b)

10. Sun temple is situated in which of the following States?
(a) Odisha (b) Gujarat (c) Karnataka (d) Tamil Nadu (Ans : a)

11. The growth of bacteria is measured by–
(a) hemacytometer (b) spectrophotometer (c) calorimeter (d) auxanometer (Ans : b)

12. The sideways erosion, which widens the river valley, called–
(a) lateral corrosion (b) vertical corrosion (c) side corrosion (d) mean corrosion (Ans : a)

13. The Constitution–
(a) is silent on the President' s re-election to the office
(b) allows re-election of a person to the President's post
(c) restricts a person to remain President for only two terms
(d) has been amended to allow a person only one term as President (Ans : b)

14. Smooth muscles are likely to be found in–
(a) muscles of legs (b) muscles of arms (c) stomach (d) heart (Ans : c)

15. Synagogue is the place of worship of–
(a) Zoroastrianism (b) Taoism (c) Judaism (d) Shintoism (Ans : c)

16. The civilian airport of highest altitude is in–
(a) Tibet (b) Nepal (c) India (d) China (Ans : a)

17. The branch of biology, which deals with extinct organisms, is called–
(a) Palynology (b) Phylogeny (c) Palaeobotany (d) Palaentology (Ans : d)

18. The least distance of distinct vision is–
(a) 35cm (b) 25cm (c) 45 cm (d) 15cm (Ans : b)

19. When will demand become a grant?
(a) When a demand is proposed. (b) After the discussion on demand is over.
(c) After the demand is granted. (d) When the budget session is closed. (Ans : c)

20. Summer rains in Australia broadly decreases from–
(a) East to West (b) West to East (c) North to South (d) South to North (Ans : c)

21. The blue revolution is related with–
(a) fish production (b) foodgrain production (c) oilseed production (d) milk production (Ans : a)

22. Which is post-harvest folk dance in Assam?
(a) Ankia Nat (b) Bihu (c) Raut Nacha (d) Namgen (Ans : b)

23. The substrate of photorespiration is–
(a) Fructose (b) Pyruvic acid (c) Glycolate (d) Glucose (Ans : c)

24. The UNIX operating system is suitable for–
(a) multi user (b) real-time processing (c) distributed processing (d) single user (Ans : a)

25. Sink hole is a phenomenon of–
(a) plain (b) desert (c) tundra (d) karst (Ans : d)